Candles in the wild!

Candles in the wild!

Did you know that the Mythologie Candles mission statement is that we exist to bring happiness to fantasy nerds?! That's why we love nothing more than seeing you enjoying our candles in your own homes.

We have some of the most dedicated, loyal and creative customers and we love seeing you post photos of your candles on social media and in our Facebook group!

Check out some of our most recent favourites here, starting with this photo of Cave Troll taken by Lief!

Mood: A massive, grey-skinned monster lumbers into view. Slow but hostile, he hides in his damp cave until dusk, lest the sunlight turn him to stone.

Notes of packed earth, mossy stone walls, decaying leaves, and mushrooms.


Here George used props to create a mini laboratory for The Alchemist!

Frayed scrolls, ancient tomes and vials fill the dimly-lit laboratory. Bubbling liquid carefully measured, The Alchemist brews his next magical potion.

Notes of earthy patchouli, powdery sandalwood, spicy cinnamon, vetiver, cedarwood and amber.

Bearded Tree is looking at home among the moss here in Jennifer's magical setup.

Ancient wisdom, giant roots & overgrown moss, emerald eyes, intertwining paths.

Notes of earthy spices, oakmoss, sandalwood & vanilla.

Mirna captured the atmosphere of The Ranger perfectly in this one!

A mysterious character, a hidden blade, weather-beaten cloak, master of stealth.

Notes of war-beaten leather, earth & leaves, aged bourbon with notes of citrus, clove, cinnamon, sweet vanilla.

Cave Troll and Dwarven Forge are creating the perfect ambience here in Kai's photo.

Sturdy hands mine precious gems and gold inside the fire-lit forge under the mountain. Long hair, braided beard, and craftsmanship to last through the ages.

Notes of earthy smoke, sandalwood, leather, musk & amber.

George went all-out again just like with The Alchemist to create a mini spice market for Bree's Spice Market!

Where Men and Hobbits dwell. Merchants, messengers & explorers come together to feast and barter.

Notes of citrus peel, clove buds, cinnamon, and sweet vanilla.


Photographer and customer Sarah Navarre (VanderRose Photography) created the most beautiful photos of Dwarven Forge... WOW!

King of the Wood Elves is looking perfect here among the greenery in Bonnie's photo.

An immortal king, a fair being, graceful and swift with a bow, ruling from his forest kingdom, undefeated.

Note of fresh herbs & lavender, cedar & cypress on a soft bed of cashmere woods.

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