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How Strong Are Our Candles?

Each of our candles is slightly different in fragrance strength, but there are ways you can maximise the scent throw in your home, so we wanted to tell you a little bit more about that!

About the candle sizes:
Our 2oz sample packs are just that - samplers!

Think of a 2oz as a big tealight. In order to experience the scent, we recommend burning them in a very small room such as a small office or bathroom.

If you burn a 2oz in a medium or large room with a vaulted ceiling - don’t expect to smell it.

Our 10oz candles fill most medium sized rooms, basically, the bigger the size, the larger the room the scent will fill.
One of our projects for 2021 is adding larger sizes to our variants, so keep an eye out for that!
A couple other things to keep in mind regarding scent strength:

🕯 We use vegan ingredients that are considered much more natural than what you get at big box stores, that means less harsh chemicals and more natural fragrances which sometimes aren’t as “hit-you-in-the-face” strong as the big stores.

🕯We use the maximum amount of fragrance load that is safe for our wax. If we were to go higher than that it can become dangerous and flammable!

🕯We plan on adding more information on the scent strength of each candle to our product pages so you know what to expect. Some candles are definitely stronger than others.

🕯Be mindful of where you place your candle. A well-ventilated room will spread the scent of the candle better than a stagnant room. There have been times where I was sitting in a chair and couldn’t smell my candle, but then someone walked by and suddenly it was very strong! If you are trying to smell your candle better, do not lean directly over the flame to smell it - that won’t work. Instead, go near it, and try to waft the air toward you with your hands from a safe distance.

🕯 Finally - please note that the olfactory part of your brain (the part that distinguishes and records smell) is unique to you and everyone has a different “nose”. What one person finds to be a light scent, someone else finds overpowering! People also pick up different notes, just like a wine, as everyone’s pallet is slightly different.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to our support elves at

We pride ourselves in making you happy!


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