Leah's inspiration behind the Mystical Autumn collection

Leah's inspiration behind the Mystical Autumn collection

With the release of our Mystical Autumn collection coming up very soon, we interviewed our founder, Leah, on her inspiration behind the collection!

What are your favourite things about Fall?
Every new season is exciting and invigorating in its own way, but there's something special about the transition from Summer to Autumn with the slow decay of green into burnt reds, oranges, and browns, with leaves softly falling to the ground and the crunch under your feet. The cozy feeling you get with that new chill in the air, the dark skies and storms that roll in, the pounding rain as you dive into a book near a fireplace. Is there anything like it?

How did you come up with the idea of a 'Mystical Autumn' theme?
Well, it was a combination of my love for the Autumn season and some of the places I've seen and experienced in the British Isles... it feels so mystical when you visit places like Stonehenge, or an ancient gothic cathedral.... you can literally feel the history! My favorite thing is to combine things I love to make something new, and that's how I came up with a collection that blends seasons and worlds, such as Autumn and mystical places in Ireland and the UK.

What was your thinking behind the scent names and moods?

Each scent and name is designed to create an instant visual story and atmosphere! I love to combine places and visual words along with the scent to form a 'scent experience' if you will.

Blood Moon Sky is meant to create a scene of werewolves and blood moons.
Gaelic Feast takes you back in time to our Celtic ancestors.
Gothic Cathedral takes you to an ornate holy place.
Samhain Harvest transports you to ancient civilizations and old customs.
The Dark Hedges brings you to a unique mystical place in Northern Ireland.
Stonehenge at Dusk gives you a visual of a sunset over the monolithic standing stones.

Each scent and description will take you on a little journey if you let it!

What's your personal favorite scent from this collection and why?
Well they are all so yummy and it's hard to choose a favorite, but I do personally love the earthiness and sweetness of Gothic Cathedral. It's the perfect combination of subtle patchouli/nag champa notes, but balanced with a sweet caramelized sugar note - those who like those kinds of fragrances can't live without this candle!

What do you hope people will experience from these candles
I'll answer this question with a question: Why do people love candles in the Fall...? I think it's because we want to embrace the season we're in (or transitioning into). We want to celebrate it and make happy memories, no matter what else is happening in life.
In the Autumn we want to enhance the cozy feeling that is possible. My wish is that this candle collection would transport you to these magical places and help you experience the most cozy, mystical season ever! I imagine you playing tabletop games with friends and family, maybe a dinner party, or snuggling up on your sofa with a huge warm blanket and a hot cup of tea and a book, with your Mystical Autumn candles burning, taking you to another world!

This collection will now be released on the 7th September to the public, but if you want a secret early link emailed to you a day before everyone else on 6th September, make sure you've signed up to become an earlybird!

Quantities are limited as everything is hand-made, so make sure you're on the list!


  • Brenda Soltys

    Can’t wait!

  • Kat Knowles

    Excited for the Autumn release!!

  • Ashley Roup

    I am so beyond excited to have found you and your company. I love reading the stories and the interviews of everyone behind the scenes that make all of this possible. This will be my first purchase and I truly hope that I’m able to also experience all these yummy sounding candles before they sell out. Alarm is set and bank card is ready! Lol
    Thank you so much 💗

  • Donna Sellers

    Looking forward to experiencing the Mystical Collection 🤗

  • Denise Greiner

    Love the feeling of these names and can almost smell them!!❤️

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