The Inspiration Behind 'The Always Winter, Never Christmas' Collection

The Inspiration Behind 'The Always Winter, Never Christmas' Collection

From friendships with talking creatures to epic battles in the snow, The Chronicles of Narnia is bursting with excitement, epic adventure and lessons in courage, friendship and love. We spoke to our founder, Celtic metal musician Leah McHenry, on her inspiration behind the new 'Always Winter, Never Christmas' collection.

When did you first read The Chronicles of Narnia?
I was first introduced to C.S. Lewis as a child, when my dad read to my sister and I The Chronicles of Narnia series and his other works of science fiction. I fell in love with the old BBC dramatized mini series and must have watched those movies a hundred times!

Why is the series so important and special to you?
Even when my life wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as a child, this story brought so much magic into my life and was most definitely an escape. I also really loved the storyline, the characters, and everything it represented.

You're a huge fantasy fan and it is has had a massive impact on your life, how did The Chronicles of Narnia help you get into fantasy in general?
The Chronicles of Narnia series was my first introduction to fantasy worlds and all that encompasses fantasy fiction. It set me up on a path for the love of old worlds, castles, mysterious lands, magic and mythology, and good triumphing over evil. The best stories in the world seem to have those characteristics in common.

What are your favourite characters or moments from the series?
Aslan of course, is a favorite of mine. Not so much the Disney version, but the version in the books and in the BBC films - Aslan was gentle but fierce! Also, how can you not love Mr. Tumnus? And Lucy. One of my favorite moments is the discovery of the wardrobe and the moment of stepping into another world… the whole scene is so intriguing and full of wonder.`


Why did you decide to do a Narnia-inspired collection?
When thinking about the perfect Winter candles, Narnia kept coming to mind. That icy-cold winter wonderland, the White Witch, and Turkish Delight… it brings to mind very vivid imagery. And then I casually polled our amazing audience and they were very excited at the idea, so that’s when I decided to go for it.

The collection is inspired by so many elements of the story - what made you decide to choose the scent names you did?
There are so many possibilities whenever I create a collection based on a theme. In order to boil it down, I try to choose a certain scene or part of a story, which makes it much easier to convey the right mood.

So in Always Winter, Never Christmas, the scene is the moment Lucy has stepped through the wardrobe, the encounter at the lamp post, the luring in for tea with Mr. Tumnus, meeting the beavers in secret as there are spies throughout the forest, meeting the White Witch, and the four children learning about their destiny through the ancient prophecies.
That’s only a small part of the story, but it’s the part before Aslan shows up, during the Age of Winter where it’s always Winter, but never Christmas. That is the scene and the mood these candles convey and I think we nailed it!

The hand-poured 'Always Winter, Never Christmas' collection is available now in 2oz and 10oz sizes for a limited time only. Shop now to secure yours!


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  • Aletha Riter

    Leah….. I am a Leo and Aslan is my favorite as well. When I saw it on the big screen with my mom… I cried when he was killed on that barren rock….my mom comforted me and she said…it will be alright, and it was. I see that you are in Lynden… I am from Snohomish but live in North Everett now….

  • Ramona Lovelady

    I can’t wait to order the Always Winter Never Christmas collection. They all sound so amazing. I’m excited!

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