Vote on the name of our new Halloween candle!

Vote on the name of our new Halloween candle!

We're super excited to be releasing a limited-time candle for Halloween, but we need your help choosing the name!

Your fingers grasp cold steel as you turn the doorknob tentatively, pushing the battered wooden door open with a gentle creak and spilling golden light out into the hall. The doorway lets into a cluttered workshop, clouded with earthy smelling incense. Through the haze you can make out crooked shelves lining the aged stone walls; leather-bound books and ancient tomes filling every available space.

A fire dances in the corner with flames of gold and green, illuminating a large mahogany table in the centre of the room. Parchment and ink are strewn across the surface, the papers filled with cryptic symbols, complex alchemical tables, incantations and hastily-scrawled notes.


Bottom left image - Chemistry Photography, bottom right image - NinjArt1st on DeviantArt, other artists unkown


Wooden boxes overflow with oddly shaped gemstones and vials of powdered, effervescent materials. All manner of strange equipment litters the surface, glass bottles of every colour are aglow in the flickering candlelight while dried herbs, insect wings and curious metal implements are scattered in the remaining space.

You look up from the table and see a man. His robes are frayed and discoloured, splashed with the stain of years of creation. The grey in his beard and the lines on his face tell of a vast age but his sapphire eyes sparkle in the candlelight, a look of wisdom mingled with childlike mischief.


Left image - Chris Dunn, middle image- unknown, right image- Christian Baitg


The man has a bunsen burner in front of him, a clear solution bubbling furiously atop it while he carefully decants a dark purple solution from a vial. Hearing the door creak open, he looks up from his work and catches your eye… the alchemist is at work.

The candle is exclusive for Halloween and has a very earthy & spicy fragrance, with notes of patchouli, amber, balsam, cinnamon, cedarwood, and vetiver.
We need YOUR help deciding on the name - vote below!


  • Marie Mulligan

    Haven’t ordered as of yet but I feel the name for this Halloween candle would be
    Ashes of the Shallow

  • Concepcion Escobedo

    Beautiful candles.

  • Fr. Mark

    I’ve already put in two orders, and I’ll be sure to order this candle, whatever you name it, as soon as you release it. I love the scent combination!

  • Paul

    I voted for just “The Alchemist” because that leaves the others open as variants made from this as a ‘base’. Add leather, maybe less of the spice notes? Alchemist’s Tower. Add more spice or fruity or herbal notes: Alchemist’s Lab.
    Also, would love to see some Frankincense and like Palo Santo in future candles

  • Danita Sims

    The Haunted Laboratory

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