Why I Created Mythologie Candles

Why I Created Mythologie Candles

Welcome to the new folks here! I'm Leah McHenry, also known as LEAH, the Celtic/Folk/Fantasy Metal songwriter from British Columbia, Canada.

And THIS is Mythologie Candles, my passion project & sister brand.

That's me in the photo... I made the dragon scale chainmail costume myself and borrowed the sword from a fan for a photoshoot I did for my 2014 EP "Otherworld".

If you end up checking out my music or other social profiles, you'll see I'm pretty serious about fantasy, swords, castles and that kind of thing. Celtic history and folklore inspire much of my music & songwriting.

I've also been obsessed with home decor & candles for as long as I can remember. I'm not a professional interior designer by any stretch, but I'm often complimented for my style of combining old world & rustic charm with modern style & conveniences.

Candles have ALWAYS been a part of my decorating style, and in fact, I consider candles essential for creating just the right atmosphere.

I can't stop trying to create the right atmosphere in my home and it's kind of a never-ending quest to get it just right.

Do you ever experience that?

I'm always moving furniture around, changing up my throw pillows, my bedroom duvet cover and the trinkets on my shelves.

What I love about creating candles is I can change the fragrance & the entire MOOD of a room just by changing out the scent.

If you're anything like me, you're highly sensitive to your environment and things like the weather, a cluttered room, or smell can affect your mood.

And that's why I decided to create Mythologie Candles.

On my quest for the perfect home atmosphere I realized there was nothing out there that captured the exact vibes I was going for: unique, not too perfumey, non-toxic (I get headaches very easily), and something that would TRANSPORT me to another realm.

There just wasn't anything that got it right. So.... I made it!

What you see at MythologieCandles.com is just the beginning.

We have plans for many collections, including more LOTR-inspired scents, Narnia-inspired, D&D-inspired and more. If that sounds exciting to you, stick around!

One thing I love about this community so far is the positive vibes we have and willingness to give me feedback & input on future candle releases. I consider YOU an integral part of this candle brand.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we get to meet someday.