Why Our Labels are MORE Than Just Labels

Why Our Labels are MORE Than Just Labels

What compels you to buy from one vendor over another when they're selling the exact same thing?

That's the question I'm fascinated with as a marketer and creator. 

Most t-shirts are created from the same material and yet one costs $7 at Walmart and a designer brand might cost $47. What's the difference?

Of course, quality is always going to factor into the pricing, but the key is really perception. 

What affects someone's perception of a brand?

There's a ton of psychology that goes into that answer. I won't delve too deeply into that here, but ultimately it's all about how it makes someone feel. 

The way something looks and feels (your experience with that product) either makes you feel good, neutral, or maybe bad. 

When I decided I wanted to create a candle brand, I did a ton of research! I ordered candles from multiple different artisans to study what I loved, liked, and hated.

Everything from their packaging, to the product, to the boxes it came in. 

One thing that really stood out to me was that oftentimes I forgot why I chose the candle I did. Sure, I saw the description on the site and thought it sounded good, but when I had the candle delivered to my door and I opened my package, oftentimes there wasn't much information on the label other than the brand name or maybe the candle name. 

I thought to myself, "When it's time for me to make our labels, I want to find a way to include the reason why they bought it." 

That is why you'll see the mood description of the candle on every label.

I want you to read it, feel it, envision it, then experience it. 

What's so interesting to me is the power of suggestion. 

Lavender just smells like lavender if you read it on a container or your essential oil bottle. But put a picture next to it of vast green meadows and fields filled with lavender flowers with a forest line in the distance, a sun setting in the horizon, and castle ruins with ivy climbing its walls, and suddenly it's not just lavender anymore. It's paradise... and you're in it. 

With each candle label we create, I'm imparting to you more than just a name or words... I'm suggesting an imaginative experience that transports you to a special realm. 

I hope you enjoy them all!

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  • Tonda Sevy

    I love the picture and “mood” set by the candles that I have purchased so far!! Is there any chance you will make the Fairy Gothmother candles again? I hadn’t seen your Facebook when these were going but I’ve read the reviews and the description sounds amazing!!! I would really love to get one!!!

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