Your Favourite Candle Combinations

Your Favourite Candle Combinations

Each of our scents has been created to tell a story; the story of distant lands, epic battles, home comforts or classic characters... but what if you were to create your own story, by combining the character-inspired scents of one candle with the atmospheric smells of another?

We love including you in our journey, letting you make decisions and we listen to every suggestion you give! When we saw that so many of you were burning two candles at a time, we were super curious, and took to our wonderful Facebook community group to learn more.

We couldn't have put it better than Julie Layman, who said "If you are burning different candles together, you feel like you are creating your own story/fairytale. Moving from room to room as if moving through the settings of your own book or favorite books. When burning The Alchemist alone, you think of fall markets and mulled apple cider or strolling down Diagon Alley. Add The Spriggan and you instantly feel like you are baking for Christmas near the tree. Or spending Christmas at Hogwarts. Scent also plays a strong role in creating/invoking memories and help to take your mind off of the outside world, which we all desperately need sometimes, especially this year."

We asked you to leave recommendations of which candles work well together and why, and this is what you told us...

bree's spice market candle
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double breakfast candle
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A common combination that so many of you seem to love, is the spicy cinnamon scent of Bree's Spice Market combined with the homely baked maple syrup of Double Breakfast, yum!

"I burn Bree's Spice Market and Double Breakfast together! It fills the entire home with the mouth watering scent of a large homemade breakfast spread! It also reminds me of when I would visit the outdoor markets in Montreal while visiting family. There would be vendors selling different things and there would also be cafes with open doors and windows and all of those delicious scents of cooking breakfast mingling the various spices and baked goods. Now I'm hungry!!😊" - Sarah Louise

Like Sarah wrote above, I too, burn Double Breakfast and Bree’s Spice Market together ❤️ For me, these two candle are two of the strongest scents. I have a huge open concept living/kitchen/dining room area with high vaulted ceilings. When I burn these two together it fills the entire lower level of my home with this cozy warm feeling. As soon as someone walks in my door it smells like a home filled with warmth and love ❤️ - Rebecca Thompson

the ranger candle
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dwarven forge candle
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The masculine war-beaten leather and damp forest scent of The Ranger also is a popular one to combine with others, particularly The Alchemist, Dwarven Forge and Wizard's Pipe Weed.

"I burn the Alchemist and the Ranger together as I do not like Ranger alone. So combine the two and it’s win win!!❤️" - Stephanie Hoffmaster

"I burn Dwarven Forge and Ranger together...they make me feel like I’m around a warm fire with the scents of leather and my father’s aftershave. I also like Wizard’s Pipe Weed and Ranger together." - Cynthia LaLuna McNally

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Candles from our new 'Always Winter, Never Christmas' collection were popular choices for combinations too, in particular The Trees are Listening and The Lamp Post, combining to set the atmosphere of being deep in the evergreen woodland.

"The Lamp Post also smells amazing with The Trees are Listening." - Stephanie Hoffmaster

"The Lamp Post and the Trees Are Listening together is divine, although I’m in love with Lamp Post on its own too!" - Cynthia LaLuna McNally

"The Trees are Listening + The White Witch = winter wonderland" - Jennifer Kathryn

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tudor house library candle
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Aside from being great to burn with The Ranger, the softy earthy patchouli of The Alchemist was another popular one to combine!

I burn Tudor House Library and The Alchemist together. Their fragrance together will transport you to a mystical realm!! - Tammee Marvin

"The Alchemist and the Dark Hedge smells amazing together. It’s a very rich, autumnal scent with a bit of a spooky vibe that makes you imagine being in a close of trees where ancient rites were celebrated." - Mark Librizzi

And finally, Brooke Fitzgerald said, "I love to burn king of the wood elves and bearded tree together. They really compliment each other and blend well.'

Do you have a favourite candle combination? We would love to know! Post a photo and tag us on social media or share it in our Facebook group.

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  • Meghan Dvorak

    I loved burning The Ranger sample with my 10oz jar of The Tudor House Library. The tempered results in the most sophisticated fragrance.

  • Dr. Suzy Jamail

    I love patchouli . I think I’ve picked good ones . Do you have candle holders?
    Thank you, Suzy

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