Tolkien Tidings January 4th, 2023 Edition

Tolkien Tidings January 4th, 2023 Edition

Welcome to 2023!

Is this the year of fantastic adventure?

Magical encounters? 

We can't wait to find out! 

Either way, let's get started with a dive into all things Middle-earth.

Beacons are Lit!
Illuminating News and Headlines from Middle-earth

home is behind, the world ahead
We've delved the depths and searched the heights, uncovering the Middle-earth news for you!
Rings of Power confirmed the inclusion of a fan-favorite character, Cirdan, into season two. Read about it on Time's site.

Miss Rings of Power and want some behind-the-scenes extras? Check out this Instagram Reel of the cast training for the show. Fight scenes galore! Watch it on Instagram.
The Royal Mint recently announced a commemorative coin released to honor J. R.R. Tolkien and his work. The coin features the inscription, "Not all those who wander are lost," and was created by artist David Lawrence. Discover the details and see the coin here.

Mythologie Candles is currently running a warehouse sale to clear the shelves of 2022 overstock and discontinued fragrances, including Middle-earth themed scents like Double Breakfast and the Spring in the Shire collection. These candles are reduced up to 20%! Shop the Sale.

Call to the Council
Find sources for discussion and connect with other Tolkien Fans!

Tea with Tolkien Shadowlands Candle Feature
Photo by Tea with Tolkien.
Looking for some great Tolkien-related content, entertainment, and lore?
Search no further.

Looking for a laugh? Tea with Tolkien put out a series of Rings of Power "Valentines" on her Twitter feed. They're adorable and hilarious. See them here

Get rescued by a Ranger in this short, Middle-earth themed story from Mythologie Candles. Read it on our blog.

A Mythologie Hero recently met The Hobbits (the cast from the Lord of the Rings films) and shared pictures with us in our Facebook group. Check them out!

Creator Spotlight
Brilliant Creatives and Knowledgeable Voices from the Tolkien-Sphere

the cocktail geeks
Looking for More Tolkien Content? This is where every week we will recommend a (hopefully new to you!) creator or community devoted to Tolkien-related content.

Now for something a little different...

We recently discovered The Cocktail Geeks. Located in Edinburgh, UK, this themed bar has a rotating menu of "geek" themed elixirs... and until the end of January, their theme is Lord of the Rings!

Their Elven Cordial looks to die for.

Find them on Facebook.

Do YOU have a favorite Tolkien-themed content creator?

We'd love to hear about them and check them out!

Cosplay Stars! 
Creative Cosplayers and Performers.

Alyson Tabbitha's Youtube Thumbnail

In our eternal search for great Cosplayers, we discovered Alyson Tabbitha's ethereal Arwen cosplay. Plus she posted a tutorial if you want to try your hand at being an elegant Elven princess.

Check it out HERE.


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