Experience Undying Lands

Experience Undying Lands

Enter the Undying Lands

Our latest Guild Exclusive Candle, Undying Lands, is here!
This candle is inspired by Tolkien's Silmarillion and the legends of Valinor.  
It's perfect for burning while reading this classic fantasy masterwork … or while watching the first episode of Rings of Power … or The Return of the King
Want to fully immerse yourself in the ambiance? Pair it with this amazing video and soundscape by West and Worlds Beyond. It will sweep you away to white shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise...


The Candle

The sea sparkles beneath the prow of the white ship as a golden land appears on the horizon, beckoning the passengers home.
Notes of white clouds on a pristine horizon, sun-touched citrus, and sweet, ripe plums matured with a hint of vanilla and bergamot.
Undying Lands

The Story

Beyond the great sea, high mountains rise, their dark stone faces sheer and impassable. A light glows against the sky, golden and lovely.

Music drifts from this untouched land along with a fresh fragrance of green fields and fruit groves. Above it all towers the two trees, their arching branches spanning the sky. Their light of silver and gold mingles in the dusk.

On the great plain stands a fair city, its gates of gold and its streets paved with silver. Its towers are fair. Here the exalted ones dwell, the high ones who sang the first song before the elves awakened and evil entered the world.

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