Alliance Full Collection Bundle
Alliance Full Collection Bundle
Alliance Full Collection Bundle
Alliance Full Collection Bundle
Alliance Full Collection Bundle
Alliance Full Collection Bundle
Alliance Full Collection Bundle

Alliance Full Collection Bundle

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Experience the full Alliance Collection in this epic 8-candle bundle.

Isle of the Star

Mood: A white tree grows within the citadel. Its branches tremble in a brisk breeze that sweeps downwards, across the sloping green lands to the bustling harbor where the tall ships dart the dazzling sea.

Smells like: The timbers of great ships, kissed with salty ocean air and sandalwood.

High King of Men

Mood: A lord in a winged crown stands on the wall of his fortress. The sun glints upon his golden armor and a mighty sword is sheathed at his side. His realm is rich, his people prosperous.

Smells like: A warm breeze floating through cashmere curtains, elegant halls, and resinous amber.

Royal Dwarves

Mood: The Dwarven lord raises his cup to his lady, a smile on his lips. She accepts the goblet, regarding him with affection as they sit enthroned within their torchlit halls.

Smells like: Stately stone halls and crushed cherries steeping in a goblet of sweet wine.

Underground Kingdom

Mood: A bearded smith feeds seasoned wood into a smoking forge. Deep voices chant an ancient song that echoes through halls of stone, deep beneath the mountain.

Smells like: Spruce roots twisting through cool earth of the mountains and leather-wrapped handles of well-used axes.

Mighty Elven Lady

Mood: A slender hand rises in greeting, a single star upon a fair finger. The lady's eyes shine with the light of the stars. Flawless of feature yet ancient in wisdom, she radiates hidden strength. 

Smells like: Beguiling oakmoss and rich amber twined about vanilla woods. 

Elven Citadel

Mood: White spires tower over walls of stone twined with flowering vines, lovely yet impenetrable, a fortress against evil and darkness. Upon the wall, a lord and lady stand, watching, praying, hoping to keep evil at bay for yet a little longer. 

Smells like: Sunlit halls and expensive spices wafting over silver bowls of tangy berries and ripe citrus.

Hidden Folk

Mood: A halfling gathers twigs in the forest, his mind thinking of the delicious meal awaiting him at home. He savors the peace of a simple life and the joys of growing things.

Smells like: Twigs cracking underfoot as swirls of caramelized cream waft through a forest path.


Mood: Between the mountains and the woods, a peaceful valley lies, alive with the babbling of a rushing river and green with life. 

Smells like: Sun shining through green leaves along a winding road, drying hay and curling ferns.


A rumor of darkness and evil swirls across the land, whispering in the halls of the great peoples.

It takes root in the kingdom of Men, a young race but proud, craving what they have been forbidden.

It haunts the Elves. An old race and wise, they know too well the destruction and horrors of war.

It echoes through the mountain chambers of the Dwarves. They dig deep, but can they escape the coming doom?

It stirs a Hidden Folk from their sheltered homes as fire streaks across the sky.

Alliances will be made and old grudges unearthed.

Will they stand or will they fall?

Signature Deluxe (8oz):

- 8oz eco-friendly coconut blend wax
- Amber glass smooth edged vessel
- Laser-etched wooden lid
- All-natural crackling wooden wick
- Enjoy 50+ hours of burn time!
- Dimensions: 3.2" x 3.8"


- 8oz eco-friendly coconut blend wax
- Amber glass jar + black metal twist-on lid
- Lead-free cotton wick
- Enjoy 50+ hours of burn time!
- Dimensions: 3"x 2.8"

Alchemy Kit:

- 9oz of pre-scented coconut-blend wax
- Lead-free cotton wick & wick sticker
- Warning label for the bottom of your vessel
- A wick holder 
- A replacement label for your vessel (or any vessel of your choosing)
Note: Alchemy kits do not include a vessel but you may purchase our Regular vessels during checkout.

Sample Size:

- 2oz eco-friendly coconut blend wax
- Black Tin + tin pop-off lid
- Lead-free cotton wick
- Enjoy 10-12+ hours of burn time!

High-Quality, Pure Ingredients, Responsibly Made

Wax: Each candle is made from a premium coconut-blend wax, which is a sustainable & renewable source!

Wicks: We use cotton wicks that are always lead-free in our regular candles and sample packs, and our Signature Deluxe candles feature crackling wood wicks for the ultimte multi-sensory experience! 

Fragrances: Unique custom-developed fragrances, not found elsewhere, and always phthalate-free. Made with premium blended non-toxic fragrance oils & essential oils. 

Vessels: Our Signature Deluxe amber glass vessels feature straight, smooth sides and laser-etched custom wooden lids; our regular vessels feature a screw-on black metal lid. Both are designed to be repurposed after our 50+ hours burn-time has been fully enjoyed! Our sample tins are also lidded to make them perfect for travel! 

1) For the first burn, let the candle burn for up to 3-4 hours - or until the melted "pool" reaches the edge. (Typically 1-2 hours for a 2oz sample size.) This prevents tunneling! Candles have memory! 

2) Always trim your wooden wick to 1/8 inch.If your wick is too long, the flame will be too big and can become a fire hazard and also give off wisps of smoke that shouldn't be there. (Nail clippers work great for wooden wicks!)

3) Clear any debris from your candlebefore burning, including any soot build-up on the wick. This will help your candle to last longer and burn cleaner! Never burn near anything flammable.

4) Always place your candle on a non-flammable surface! All candle vessels will get hot - be sure to place your candle on a proper candle holder or heat-safe surface that will not burn or ignite. 

5) Never leave a candle unattended!In addition, be sure there is nothing nearby your candle that can ignite (hairspray, a wall, paper, a lamp, a pillow, etc.)

6) Enjoy your candles! Mythologie Candles are meant to transport you to another time, world, or dimension! Science proves that scent can alter the mood for the better: enjoy the fully immersive experiences Mythologie Candles provide whenever you need a pick-me-up, inspiration, or an immersion into your favorite book, movie, or game!

Thank you for supporting small business! ❤️


Every candle is hand-poured and made to order just for you! We may not be as fast as Amazon, but we promise it will be worth the wait! We will update you via email, so be sure you check your email for our messages! 

Please visit our Shipping Information page for more info!

Buying candles online can feel a bit tricky when you don't know if you're going to like something. That's why we came up with The Candle Creed!

Visit our Candle Creed page to learn about how we are obsessed with helping you find the right scent and our return policy!

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Small Batch Runs

Every single one of our candles is hand-poured in small batches and packaged with love for the ultimate immersive experience!

Natural Vegan ingredients

Our elves use the finest, natural vegan ingredients including premium fragrance oils and crackling wood wicks.

Clean burining coconut wax

Our candles are made from an eco-friendly premium coconut blend wax, which is a renewable source, providing a luxurious and clean burn.

What is
the Mythologie Candle Creed? 

We solemnly swear to give you the most immersive listening, reading, or watching experience through our unique 'portals in a jar'.

Here at Mythologie Candles we are obsessed with helping you transform your abode from mundane to magical! It's all about creating the perfect immersive atmosphere in every room of your home. 

Whether you're trying to create the right mood for your next D&D campaign, make it feel like you are transported to the time and place of the fantasy novel you're reading, or perhaps just the right atmosphere for your dinner party (even if it's just you and your cat!), we got your back!

What Makes
Our Candles Unique?

Every single one of our candles is hand-poured in small batches and packaged with love for the ultimate immersive experience! Clean burning wax and flickering wooden wicks provide the perfect ambiance to transport you to fantastic worlds. Combine that with one of a kind fragrances inspired by fantasy, history, and TTRPGs, and you’ll be able to journey to magical lands and exotic locations without leaving the comfort of your home or office.