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Mystical Autumn Full-size Bundle

This bundle includes all 6 scents in our cotton-wick regular vessels! 🍂

1. Samhain Harvest - Notes of nutmeg sprinkled on almond pastries, melted butter and clove with rich tonka bean.

2. Gaelic Feast - Notes of tankards smashing together in toast, spilling whiskey and mulled wine, butter melting on crisp bacon and spiced pie crust.

3. Stonehenge at Dusk - Notes of sweet amber flowing through white pine trees, fresh eucalyptus and pink raspberries crushed on the forest floor.

4. Gothic Cathedral - Notes of patchouli incense smoke billowing from an ornate thurible, fire-blazed sugar and earthy vetiver.

5. Blood Moon Sky - Notes of dark secrets and ancient curses, mulled black cherry wine on a bed of bergamot and sweet musk.

6. The Dark Hedges - Notes of sweet apple leaves glistening with the year’s first frost, tobacco leaf and soft moss.

NOTE: Some of our 8oz candles will temporarily arrive wrapped in custom dragon gift wrap inside their boxes instead of black cardboard.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to ship - thank you for supporting a small business!