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Tale-Inspired 6 Pack Bundle

Experience all 6 scents with our 8oz tale-inspired bundle!

Includes 6 full-sized candles!

  1. Bearded Tree: the smell of woods & earth!  

  2. The Ranger: leather, weapons, aged bourbon, and forest!

  3. Double Breakfast: warm baking from the kitchen, delectable maple syrup!

  4. Bree's Spice Market: sweet spices, clove bud, vanilla

  5. Wizard's Pipe Weed: musky herbs & tobacco

  6. King of the Wood Elves: rich forest foliage, herbal musk

NOTE: These candles are currently only available in our new Regular vessel: 8oz amber jars with black metal lids and lead-free cotton wicks! 

***Due to covid, current processing times are 4-6 weeks (hopefully sooner!) We will always keep you updated via email😊