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Celtic Woodland Folklore Sample Pack

Experience a Mystical Spring with our Limited Edition Summer Sample Pack!

The theme of this collection is Celtic Folklore in Summer. Enter a green, lush forest with all kinds of mythical beings such as Fae, Spriggans, Elves, Wood Nymphs and Seelies! You won't find overbearing floral scents here. Instead, you'll immerse your senses in the light of our crackling wooden wicks, and fill your abode with the fragrance of forests, fresh leaves, citrus trees, dark berries & herbs, sandalwood, vanilla, and honey, fresh from the hives of Spring bees. 

This Sample Pack includes all 6 scents:

  1. Fae of the Forest: Deep forest, orange blossom, moss, amber, wood

  2. Elven Courtyard: Sandalwood, vanilla, fresh lemon & honey

  3. Tree Nymph Palace: Cedar, Pine, Dark Berries & Blood Orange

  4. The Enchanted Grove: Sugared Citrus Fruits & Exotic Greens

  5. House of the Seelie King: Dried herbs, Sweet Tobacco, Floral musk

  6. The Spriggan: Evergreen trees, Citrus, Earth, and Vanilla Musk

  • All candles are hand-poured in small batches with custom-blended fragrances
  • Each 2 oz candle has an approximate burn time of 15 hours!
  • Made with a cotton wick (never any lead). 
  • Comes in a reusable travel tin!