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The Ranger

By lighting The Ranger you are instantly transported to the ancient woodlands of another realm! Become an adventurer as you sit back and watch a scene of fighting orcs and imagine yourself wielding your sword on the battlefield. Set the perfect atmosphere for reading a fantasy book or setting up your latest RPG campaign as you game with friends.

Deep within the ancient forests where trees whisper to one another and creatures dwell in secret, a cloaked figure equips his sword and draws his hood up as he prepares for a quest of great importance.

Moving silently through the forest and keeping to the shadows as he tramples damp leaves underfoot, he’s a mighty warrior and the ultimate master of stealth.

Mood: A mysterious character, a hidden blade, weather-beaten cloak, master of stealth. 

Smells Like... War-beaten leather, earth & leaves, aged bourbon with notes of citrus, clove, cinnamon, sweet vanilla 

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