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Always Winter, Never Christmas Sample Pack

Introducing our Limited Edition Winter Collection, Always Winter, Never Christmas!

Step through the wardrobe and into a magical land of fauns, talking beavers and endless turkish delight...

Experience all six scents in a 2oz sample size so you can choose your favorites!

  1. The Lamp Post: Amidst a thickly forested woodland stands a lone iron lamp post. Its flickering light illuminates jagged icicles, frosted branches, and nearby snowberries. Notes of Siberian Fir, sugared berries, warm cedar, citrus, and moss.

  2. Tea With a Faun: A surprise encounter between a girl and a faun. An invitation to tea following the orders of a queen and a bewitching melody played on his flute, lulling her to sleep.
    Notes of sweet ginger & white tea leaves on a soft bed of musk and sandalwood.

  3. The White Witch: An accursed realm, placed under the bitter spell of a sorceress. In a world where it is always Winter, but never Christmas, dare not protest lest she turn you into stone.
    Notes of icy peppermint, crisp apple, and fiery spice.

  4. Turkish Delight: Beware of the enchanted sweet treat given freely by royalty in exchange for information. This intentionally addictive candy is known to put innocent children under the spell of its giver.
    Notes of rosewater, powdered sugar & lemon.

  5. The Trees Are Listening: A peaceful forest, yet full of spies. The queen’s secret police are always listening for traitors, even the trees and woodland creatures are not to be trusted.
    Notes of woodsy pine, cedar, and balsam with a lingering sweet musk.

  6. Four Thrones Prophecy: Ancient prophecies discussed in a dam. Four children learn of their destiny to destroy the witch’s reign and end the Age of Winter from a pair of friendly beavers.
    Notes of dark chocolate, amber, violet, and patchouli. 

    Available for a limited time only!