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Bearded Tree

Bearded Tree will transport you to the magical forests of another realm with the fresh scent of herbs and soft wood. As you light the crackling wooden wick, close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through an ancient woodland as old as time itself, humming with forgotten magic. Perfect for a scent to burn in any room of your home o for enhancing those everyday experiences.

Gnarled bark creaks and groans as he wiggles his toes made of roots into the dark earth. Slowly blinking his eyes open, he reaches up arms of bark and extends his fingers towards the forest canopy as he stretches.

With a yawn that sends birds fluttering from their nest in the crook of his trunk, he awakens and begins his slow and steady journey through the woodland.

Mood: Ancient wisdom, giant roots & overgrown moss, emerald eyes, intertwining paths. 


Smells Like... Earthy spices, oakmoss, sandalwood & vanilla.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to ship - thank you for supporting a small business!