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This is the fourth candle I've bought and I absolutely love it, though that's no surprise as I lived the first three I bought as well. I definitely think the warm cinnamon scent sticks out the most to me. But it isn't a sweet cinnamon smell like a cinnamon roll, it's more of a deeper incensey cinnamon which I love!


First smell was heavenly. Can't wait to burn to experience Emerald Isle fully.


I absolutely love this scent! I use this as aromatherapy when I feel I need a little extra comfort during the day. I love that they use safe and vegan ingredients. Every time I use this I take a few deep breaths and get transported into my favorite time of year, Autumn and it fills my heart with joy.


Amazingly gorgeous candle ...from the packaging, green glass and scent. This one needs to be a permanent offering. I would purchase it again and again.


The box, the vessel, the scent all take you to some ancient cliff side in Ireland. Fresh, crisp invigorating tones that just bring you to a peaceful place, where deep breaths come easily. The green vessel is stunning and even more so the box this candle comes in is beautiful in its design and description. Definitely, would recommend this one to any and all who love green, Ireland and something fresh to help you breathe a little bit easier from the trials of every day life.