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Explore the Ancient Winter Festival!

On this, the longest night of the year, the Yule festival begins! Step outside, hear the festivities in the distance, and see the glow of a roaring fire. Vivid green lights dance in the sky and stars shimmer against the inky black.

Hear your feet crunch through frozen snow as you walk, stopping to watch villagers playing dice games and archery as you pass through. The icy wind on your cheeks is replaced by roaring heat as you step into the longhouse and are greeted with the scent of smoke, spilled spirits, and the sound of laughter and song.

Let the Yule celebrations begin!

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Mythologie Candles founders Leah and Steve sit down for a 'sniff and tell' video of our Ancient Yule Festival collection.
Step into the snow-covered Northern forest and meet the baker with a special gift to give...
Create the ultimate 'Ancient Yule Festival' experience with our recommendations on games, books, movies and music to pair with your candles.
The official full-length trailer for Ancient Yule Festival is HERE! Check it out...

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