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Fantasy-Inspired Candles to Transport You To Another Realm


I'm the creator of Mythologie Candles...

On my quest for the perfect home atmosphere I realized there was nothing out there that captured the exact vibes I was going for: unique, not too perfumey, non-toxic (I get headaches very easily), and something that would TRANSPORT me to another realm. 
I promised to share the journey as we build this new candle company from the ground up, so here's a behind the scenes peek at the production process! 
Lavender just smells like lavender if you read it on a container or your essential oil bottle. But put a picture next to it of vast green meadows and fields filled with lavender flowers with a forest line in the distance, a sun setting in the horizon, and castle ruins with ivy climbing its walls, and suddenly it's not just lavender anymore. It's paradise... and you're in it. 
The idea behind this logo is that the M is actually made out of wood. If you look up close you see all the details of chiseled and aged grains of wood. Wrapped around that monogram is ivy, which instantly transports you to a mood that's more mysterious.

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