TTRPG Ambiences for Intense Immersion

TTRPG Ambiences for Intense Immersion

Getting Epic Gaming Immersion with Ambiences 

It's game night. The players have gathered. Candles are lit. Are we ready to play?

Tabletop roleplaying games are all about losing yourself in the story and setting. About bringing a fantasy world to life around you.

We want to help you take your games from good to great. Here are some of our favorite fantasy ambience videos, each designed to fit one of the candles in our new Journey through the Realms Expansion Pack (Arriving March 15th!). 

For added immersion, we've included a little mini-story with each. 

Let the adventure begin.

Rustic Village

The trees thin and the winding forest path grows broader. Ahead stands a rough wooden palisade with an open gate. A single guard in worn leather armor eyes the party of adventurers as they approach.

"We're a peaceful town. We don't be wanting any trouble," he says.

The party bard, always silver of tongue, assures the man they mean him and his neighbors no harm. They are but a humble band of adventurers. Perhaps he can trade a song or two for a meal at the local inn?

The guard waves the group in to a market square. A handful of shops offer food and merchandise, and at the far end a small tavern stands with a sign reading, "The Frothing Mug."

This is a good place to rest.

Verdant Forest

A stream of cool water burbles by the forest path as the party makes their way under the sprawling trees. The branches over the path touch, allowing only slim rays of sunlight to penetrate the canopy. In the distance birds chirp and caw, spreading the warning that strangers have entered the forest realm.

A crow lands upon the path and tilts his head to consider the adventurers. With a smile, the party druid pauses to cast 'speak with animals.' He assures the feathered scout that they are indeed friends, only passing through with no intent to harm the denizens of the forest realm.

Satisfied, the bird soars away, disappearing into the trees. The party continues along the path before the Ranger stiffens.

The woods, once alive with bird song, fall suddenly silent. Something dangerous lurks nearby.

Sacred Temple

Temple bells chime, their music echoing off the vaulted ceilings, as the party strides into the temple. In the distance they hear the prayers of the faithful, chanted as they go about their tasks in adoration of their god. Pages rustle as a cleric reads an ancient text.

On the altar lies a sword, the hum of magic surrounding it. It is said only one truly worthy can wield this holy weapon. Many have tried to claim it only to meet with a deadly curse.

The party's paladin approaches, head bowed in humble prayer. His destiny has brought him here. Will he prove up to the task?

Damp Cavern

The wizard casts 'light' upon the tip of her staff, illuminating the party as they descend beneath the earth. Twisting tunnels lead ever deeper, the only sound the shuffling of their feet and the constant drip of water.

Something blue glows ahead. The fighter grips the hilt of his sword, ready for anything.

They round a corner and find a subterranean lake. Luminescent mushrooms grow along the banks. A single rocky island sits in the center. Upon this awaits a wooden chest. Is it treasure within? Or something more nefarious?

Musty Crypt

The rogue works the lockpicks on the ancient door. Finally it swings open with the harsh sound of rusty hinges. A stair case leads down into darkness, the air stale and cold.

The cleric calls forth a holy light, and the party begins their descent.

Roots of trees choke the walls, breaking through the earth and stone. Worn symbols carved into the walls give warnings of terrible fates that will befall any who defile this tomb.

The stairs end in an open chamber. Bones litter the floor. As the light falls upon them, they shiver and come together, reforming into skeletal warriors, ready to protect the tomb.

Deep Water Harbor

In a bustling harbor, the party haggles for passage with the crusty sea captain. The Ranger's hand strays to her pocket where she holds a treasure map. A chest of gold and magical items is hidden on an island, three day's voyage from the mainland. If they can find it, their fortunes are made.

Many vessels are moored at the docks, tall ships and fishing boats, merchant ships loaded with exotic goods. Travelers from many lands have come to this port town, many with stories to tell of faraway lands and monsters who haunt the high seas.

The party strikes a bargain. They sail at dawn.

Enhance Your Game with Scent

Whether you're a game master trying to draw your players into the story or a player who wants to feel every aspect of their session, there are many ways to enhance immersion. 

Mythologie Candles recently expanded their TTRPG/Fantasy Journey through the Realms Collection with six new candles designed to bring fantasy settings to life. 

Journey Through the Realms Collection

Ready to start your adventure?

Check our our Fantasy and RPG themed candles

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