Heroes draw their swords and fight bravely across epic battlefields, embark upon dangerous quests and entangle themselves in the throes of forbidden love. Secrets are lost to history and myth... who can know the truth of the Arthurian Legend?
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Camelot Collector Bundle
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Camelot Collector Bundle
Camelot Collector Bundle
Camelot Collector Bundle

Camelot Collector Bundle

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Draw the sword from the stone and claim your destiny with this regal three candle collection.
This luxurious set includes:
  • Illustrated gift box
  • Exclusive art print
  • Three fragrant candles
King Arthur
Mood: Merlin the powerful magician sets a sword in stone that only a true king can remove. A child is raised in secret until the days comes that he draws the sword and fulfills his destiny.
Smells Like: Earthy cedarwood & musky vanilla.
Mood: In a mythical castled city, a legendary king and his brave knights discuss their next quest over feasting and song.
Smells Like: Soft woods, crushed violet petals, cedar leaf and amber warmed with a hint of tonka bean.

Lady of the Lake
Mood: A silver blade in the hand of an enchantress emerges from the deep waters of the lake, aiding the king who needs it most.
Smells Like: Mist over enchanted water, dewdrops formed on fresh green leaves, and crushed sea salt dusted in white musk.
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"Hands down the best candle I've ever smelled in my entire life!"


"I love having them while I rewatch Merlin for the 100th time."


Each of the scents are incredibly unique and fragrant, and I can't stop smelling them!"


"The scents are just truly amazing! These candles evoke a time long past!"


"With one fiery swipe, I am instantly transported into another realm."


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