What is the
Mythologie Candle Creed?

We solemnly swear to give you the most immersive listening, reading, or watching experience through our unique 'portals in a jar'.

Here at Mythologie Candles we are obsessed with helping you transform your abode from mundane to magical! It's all about creating the perfect immersive atmosphere in every room of your home. 

Whether you're trying to create the right mood for your next D&D campaign, make it feel like you are transported to the time and place of the fantasy novel you're reading, or perhaps just the right atmosphere for your dinner party (even if it's just you and your cat!), we got your back!

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions! 

The Mythologie Brand

Every single one of our candles is hand-poured in small batches and packaged with love for the ultimate immersive experience! Clean burning wax and flickering wooden wicks provide the perfect ambiance to transport you to fantastic worlds. Combine that with one of a kind fragrances inspired by fantasy, history, and TTRPGs, and you’ll be able to journey to magical lands and exotic locations without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Our fantasy-inspired candles are hand poured in small batches in the magical state of Washington, USA! Our elves use the finest, natural vegan ingredients including premium fragrance oils, crackling wood wicks, and clean burning coconut wax. It’s a meticulous but satisfying ten-step process. Watch a video of start to finish production here!

Product Questions

There's nothing like the ambience of our crackling, fireplace-like wooden wick Deluxe candles! They require a wee bit more TLC but are totally worth it!

Wooden wicks work best when trimmed to under ¼’’ prior to burning, but can burn strong and true as short as ⅛’’ so don’t be afraid of over-trimming your wick. 

After a good burn, dark residue may build up on the wick. We recommend trimming this off between each burn to avoid smoking or debris getting into the lovely wax beneath! If you don’t have a wick trimmer, a pair of nail clippers works just fine. 

Finally, when burning your wood wick candle, watch the flame height. Your flame should never rise higher than two inches. If it does, it can be a fire hazard, so extinguish the flame, let it cool, then give it a good trimming to return it to its well-behaved, normal self.

It's important to us that we create non-toxic products that are safe for families and pets!

Our candles are made from an eco-friendly premium coconut blend wax, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly wax that provides a luxurious and super clean burn.

Our unique fragrances are made with a combination of synthetic fragrance oils & essential oils that are sustainable and provide the best scent throw. We make sure that our fragrances are alwaysphthalate-free (which is considered a toxin commonly found in fragrance products).

Our expert potion masters don't use straight essential oils in our candles for a few reasons:

1. As essential oils become heated, they can become toxic!

2. When heated, EOs lose therapeutic properties

3. When heated, EOs on their own can become quite flammable, which is a danger.

4. When used in wax, essential oils are not very potent and can barely be smelled if that’s all being used in the wax.

5. They are incredibly expensive! For example, it takes 10,000 rose petals to make just one pound of rose essential oil!

That said, our premium fragrance oils often are often blended with real essential oils in them, but are not made only with essential oils. Most companies you see that claim to use EO in their candles are using it as a marketing term only, and are also using a mixture of synthetic and EO.

Our roll-ons are the perfect way to bring the magical experience of a Mythologie Candle with you during your many journeys! They are made of all natural ingredients including a base of fractionated coconut oil blended with our premium unique fragrance oils which are applied via a roll on applicator.

Your safety and that of your family and pets is paramount! Our founder has 2 cats and multiple other pets in her house, and many of our customers have pets with no problems. Our candles are pet safe and free of harmful chemicals.

We’ve seen so many creative uses for our candle vessels from jewelry holders to plant pots. One constant source of ideas is our creative followers in our Facebook group. They often post images of their repurposed jars, tins, and even boxes and other packaging.You can join that grouphere.

Also, our vessels are recyclable, so that is always an option. 

Our candle line features a wide variety of scent strengths from gentle, subtle scents meant to create a background ambiance for your peaceful reading time—like a quiet, babbling brook but for your nose instead of your ears—to full-on scent bombs that would be more the equivalent of a thunderstorm ambiance, full of drama and excitement and more appropriate for your gaming night when the party is about to engage a young red dragon and excitement is high! 

Also worth noting, fragrances are a little like wine: everyone’s palate is a little different and a fragrance that is overwhelming to one individual may read as subtle to another. 

Two great resources if you want to find out about a particular candle’s power level:

1. Our customer service happiness wizards are available to give their magical insight atcare@mythologiecandles.com.

2. We have an amazing Facebook community of candle fanatics who love to talk about their experiences with our candles.

There are a few things that can cause tunneling. Goblins, for instance, are always digging tunnels. More likely, though, wax has a memory so if the first burn doesn’t melt all the way to the edges, it can start to tunnel. Another possibility is excessive ventilation. A candle sitting in a draft can have the heat swept away and not melt properly. A faulty wick, that isn’t able to maintain a steady flame, could also cause this.

The good news is, you can absolutely save the candle and reverse the tunneling!

Step 1) Either melt the edge tunneling with a lighter or heat gun if you have one or you can use a knife and gently scrape the tunneling off the edges and into the middle. This won’t look pretty at first but don't worry, it melts ;) 

Step 2) Next, take a pair of needle-nose pliers (really any pliers will work) or your fingers if they are strong and gently wiggle the wick slightly from side to side to loosen it from the wax (width-wise).

Step 3) Now you can gently pull the wick up almost like you are pulling it right out of the candle but you are only going to pull it up enough to be at the right height so when you light it the flame can melt the wax you removed from the sides. ​

You might need to adjust the wick height again after you get that burn pool going again but you will have saved the candle from continuing to tunnel!

We definitely understand the need to get every possible moment of magical candle ambiance out of these amazing portals in a jar. The great news? They’re designed for over fifty hours of burn time when used optimally. Just follow the steps in our candle care guide for the best possible results!

Our full-sized 8oz candles have an average of 50+ hours of magical enjoyment, while our 2oz sample sizes burn for 10-12 hours.


We’re so sorry to hear your order had an incorrect item! We try to get everything just right, but even the elves are human. Our customer service Happiness Wizards can make sure your order is corrected ASAP! Just email us at care@mythologiecandles.com and let us know what is missing or incorrect, and we’ll resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

We know that buying candles online can be tricky without smell-o-vision. Not to worry!

If you’re not a fan of the fragrance you purchased, reach out to us at care@mythologiecandles.com and we will help you find something you love instead. 

If your product is unused, you can ship the candle back to us within 30 days and we'll help you find a scent you like better. 

As the fragrance roll-on oils are considered a personal care/hygiene item, we cannot take returns or exchanges on them for safety reasons.  

For customers who are worried they might not enjoy the fragrance, we did match the fragrance blend exactly to the candles they share the name with.

Individual body chemistry means that the scent upon wear is unique from person to person, however.

We hate it when Goblins catch an order mid-shipment. They can be so rough to our poor innocent candles! Never fear! We offer a 100% replacement policy on all lost or damaged items. Just email our customer service Happiness Wizards at care@mythologiecandles.com and let them know what was damaged.

We are happy to assist you with your order! Our customer service Happiness Wizards are trained to swiftly transform the items in your cart and if you need to cancel an order or delay the shipping or make an address change or switch up the candles to different fragrances (etc), just email us at care@mythologiecandles.com.

As we can’t change orders post shipping, please contact us within 24 hours of placing the order to give us plenty of time to catch your order before it leaves the warehouse en route to you!

Sure thing! Just use the gift recipient’s address as the shipping and we’ll make sure your special someone gets their special box of magic. We don’t include any invoices or prices in the package, so no need to worry.


We ship worldwide! We have customers who love Mythologie Candles all over the world!

Our magical candles get hand-poured, built, packaged, and shipped to you by our wonderful elves, from our warehouse in Lynden, Washington, USA.

Our site automatically calculates the best shipping rates available to your area from all carriers, and give you an option between them at check out. 

We put all our packaging through strenuous drop testing to make sure it can handle the long journey from our warehouse to your home unscathed!

We wish we could completely avoid it, but we have no control over what your country charges for import duties. International taxes might be applied depending on your country's taxes policy. Customs duty is calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods:

The percentage or rate varies depending on the type of goods. You can check the tariff applicable in the TARIC database for EU and Import calculator for USA.

The customs value is made up of:

- the price paid for the goods

- the insurance cost

- the shipping cost

We know you'll love your Mythologie Candles, even if it takes a little extra to get it to you!

We wish we could! We are a new startup that began in March 2020 (yes, that month!) and have faced some pretty big giants while trying to grow our company. Shipping is one of those beasts. Since we began, shipping prices have gone up massively and our hands are tied!

All shipping rates are calculated directly by the shipping companies themselves and are based on address and weight. 

We continue to strive to get the best shipping rates humanly possible to you! We appreciate your support towards small businesses in these trying times. Thank you so much for your understanding and support. ❤️

We offer multiple shipping options from standard Priority Mail and UPS Ground to USPS Priority Mail Express and UPS Next Day Air (other options may be available internationally depending on your location). All shipping options should provide an estimate on check out, though this does not include processing time. 

Processing time can vary, but we are striving to keep it under 14 business days for all orders.

We are only able to ship your order to one address. If you need different items shipped to separate addresses, please place them as separate orders, and our shipping elves will make sure they are delivered correctly. 

Every candle is hand-poured and made to order just for you! We will update you via email, so be sure you check your email for our messages! We strive to fulfill orders within 14 business days. Orders within the U.S. may take up to 7-10 business days to arrive after shipping, while international orders may take up to several weeks in transit.

You can view our current fulfilment goals, pre-order shipment times, and any potential delays on our Shipping Updates page here.

It is not uncommon for tracking information to be a little out of date. Shipping companies are not the best at keeping that information the most up-to-date. If something seems strange or out of the ordinary to you about the transit time of your order, please contact our support wizards at care@mythologiecandles.com so they can take a look!

Sometimes the tracking information on packages can be off a little bit. It's not unusual for them to state the item as delivered when it is in fact still out for delivery or even still in transit. We would suggest giving it a few business days to see if it will arrive. 

If a package does not arrive within three business days of the delivery notification, please contact us. We will file a lost package claim on your behalf and also get a reshipment started for you ASAP!

Returns & Exchanges

We care that you are 1000% happy! We are not in the candle business after all, we're in the happiness wizardry business ;)

While we love our fantasy-based candles and hope you do too, we understand that everyone's nose is a little different, and choosing candles online without the ability to sniff them first can be both exciting and worrying. What if you don't like it? What if it's too strong for you?  

Never fear! If you order a candle you don’t absolutely love right out of the box, you can exchange the unburned candle within 30 days of delivery.

Contact our candle wizards. Let them know what you did and didn't like about the fragrance (too strong, too sweet, too spicy?) and what experience you were hoping for (were you really looking for a candle to transport you to a magical library or maybe a quiet, tranquil forest with the potential to meet an elf?). Our wizards would be happy to match you with a fragrance that meets YOUR desires.

Just email us at care@mythologiecandles.com with your order number, reason for the exchange, and desired candle scent and we would be happy to exchange an unburned candle for a different scent!


Blow away your special someone and let them choose their favourite candle with one of our virtual gift cards! They never expire and can be used in our shop anytime. Available in many denominations, you can find them HERE!

One of our dreams is to have several storefronts in different places, but at the moment, our candles are only available here in our online shop.

We are working on a wholesale program but we’re not set up for it yet. In the meantime, fill out the wholesale application form HERE and we will reach out to you when the program is ready.

See what people are saying!


"My favorite part about Mythologie is the attention to detail that goes into EVERYTHING. The sample pack box was like opening a treasure chest and finding the very best of your old friends. The candle scents have the power of evoking every emotion..."


"Gather round for a story? ⁠What tales do you tell? ⁠

Mythologie Candles. Aromas of war-beaten leather, earth & leaves, aged bourbon with notes of citrus, clove, cinnamon, sweet vanilla”


"This time of year has my heart longing for snowy winter days and cuddling up by the fire with a cup of tea. The heinous 60 degree weather here is REALLY harshing my vibe on that front but I’ve been loving the candles from @mythologiecandles with their wood wicks that sound like a crackling fire at night."


Did you have another query not covered in the above FAQs? Reach out to our customer service happiness wizards! They are steeped in mystical candle lore and know the inner workings of our elven workshop–or at least who to ask if you have a real headscratcher. Contact them by email at care@mythologiecandles.com