The Guild Membership
The Guild Membership

The Guild Membership

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The Guild is a monthly membership (similar to Patreon) that gets you access to a private platform & major perks!

Join the hundreds of other members who are on a quest to help us fight the darkness with Mythologie illumination!

Included with your membership:

  • A private membership app
  • Candle trading with other members!
  • Private forum & groups (gaming, books, pairings, etc.) - not on Facebook!
  • Live streaming events with the Guildmaster and special guests!
  • Guild-only shopping events & sales!
  • Guild-exclusive candle drops — includes access to bonus secret candles during every seasonal release — only available to Guild members!
  • The CANDLE VAULT: Access candles that are not available to the public!
  • Guild-only voting and input on future candles & collections...

    And quite a bit more — you just have to experience it to understand how cool this is — and all for only $9 per month. No obligations, cancel anytime :)
It's easy to join!

Simply add The Guild Membership to your cart and checkout. Once your order has been processed you can log in here to have full access to The Guild's secret pages and perks!

*Please note that the membership only needs to be purchased once, then it will automatically be recharged every month. If you are unsure of your membership status, please log in to your account to check or email us ( and we will confirm for you! 


To become a Candle Guild initiate and get access to discounted subscriptions, back-catalog access, Guild-Only candles, flat-rate shipping, and all the other perks, just add The Guild Membership to your cart and checkout!

As long as you maintain your Guild membership, you'll have access to all of the Guild perks.

Once you're a Guild initiate, simply log into your account to access all of your perks under The Guild menu!


Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely, there's no contracts or obligations to stay a Guild member.

Can I make changes to my subscriptions?

Yes! You can change or add to your subscription anytime before the cut-off window. By becoming a Guild member you have access to a Guild-only 15% discount on all back-catalog candles! You can also add one-time orders to your monthly order.