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Adventures of Loki: The Trickster God of Norse Mythology
The Adventures of Loki: The Trickster God of Norse Mythology Norse mythology is replete with fascinating gods and goddesses, but none are as intriguing or multifaceted as Loki, the god of mischief. Known for his cunning and playful antics, Loki's...
The Enduring Influence of Norse Mythology on Classic Literature
The Enduring Influence of Norse Mythology on Classic Literature Norse mythology, with its rich tapestry of gods, giants, and heroes, has inspired countless authors across various periods of literary history. The myths and legends from the Norse tradition have provided...
Journey to Asgard: Where Gods and Legends Come Alive
Journey to Asgard: Where Gods and Legends Come Alive In the heart of the cosmos, nestled high above the realms of men and giants, lay Asgard, the golden city of the gods. This realm, bound by the rainbow bridge Bifrost,...
A Cozy History of Quilting: Stitching Stories Through Time
A Cozy History of Quilting: Stitching Stories Through Time Imagine the comforting embrace of a handmade quilt, its intricate patterns whispering tales of yesteryear. Quilting, an art steeped in tradition and storytelling, has warmed homes and hearts for centuries. For...
Unleash the Power of the Sea with Our Mythical Poseidon Candle!
Unleash the Power of the Sea with Our Mythical Poseidon Candle! Imagine a moment suspended between the ancient and the present, a time when gods walked the earth and the sea itself bowed to their command. At Mythologie Candles, we...
Dive into the Divine: A Beginner’s Guide to Greek Gods and Myths
Dive into the Divine: A Beginner’s Guide to Greek Gods and Myths Greek mythology is a treasure trove of adventures, conflicts, and drama. It's no wonder that even today, thousands of years after these myths were first spun in ancient...
Exploring the Celtic Summer Solstice: Traditions, History, and Celebrations

Historically, the Summer Solstice marked a moment when the sun was at its peak. For the Celts, this was not merely an astronomical occurrence but a pivotal event intertwined with their livelihood, marked by numerous rituals and celebrations that echo through the ages.

How to Create a Cottagecore Home Decor Aesthetic in Your Own Home
How to Create a Cottagecore Home Decor Ambiance: A Guide to Embracing Rustic Charm In recent years, the cottagecore aesthetic has swept through the interior design community, captivating those who yearn for a return to simpler, more pastoral lifestyles. This...
Journey Through the Moonlit Forest: Discover the World of Artemis

"Welcome, traveler," she speaks, her voice as clear as the flowing streams nearby. "What brings you to my woods under the cover of night?"

You explain your fascination with the myths of old, your desire to understand the powers that once shaped the world. Artemis nods, gesturing for you to follow her. As you walk, she begins to share her wisdom.

5 Facts About Author Selina R. Gonzalez & A Thieving Curse
Meet the Author from our Summer 2024 Quarterly Seasonal Box! Every season, our Quarterly Seasonal Box delivers a treasure trove of themed items, including a book by an indie author. Summer 2024 we're featuring A Thieving Curse, by Selina R. Gonzalez. ...
The Lore Behind Faerie Milk
The feast of Bealtaine is the Gaelic version of May Day. To usher in Summer, rituals were performed to protect the cattle and crops.
It was said the fairy folk were most active during this time of year. As they can be mischievous, it's considered wise to offer them a gift to appease them. 
Ascend Merlin's Tower
The tower looms over the castle courtyard, its shingled roof tapered and crooked like a witch's hat, silhouetted by the faint light of a crescent moon. The castle is asleep, but in the single window at the top of the...
Goblincore Themed Entertainment Picks
Get Wild with Goblincore! Mythologie Candles' most recent mini-collection celebrates the cozy but earthy fantasy aesthetic of Goblincore.  Goblincore features nature and fantasy creatures traditionally regarded as imperfect or even ugly. It's all about frogs and mushrooms and cobwebs. It's...
What is Goblincore?

But wait. What is Goblincore?

Goblincore is an aesthetic and subculture that celebrates nature and the folklore surrounding goblins.
You might consider it Cottagecore with a little dirt under its fingernails.
Goblincore finds the lovely and fantastic in things traditionally considered ugly or mundane.
TTRPG Ambiences for Intense Immersion

It's game night. The players have gathered. Candles are lit. Are we ready to play?

Tabletop roleplaying games are all about losing yourself in the story and setting. About bringing a fantasy world to life around you.

We want to help you take your games from good to great. Here are some of our favorite fantasy ambience videos, each designed to fit one of the candles in our new Journey through the Realms Expansion Pack. 

For added immersion, we've included a little mini-story with each. 

6 Books to Read with Albion Awakening.

Need some suggestions for epic fantasy reads?

We've got you covered with 6 books to complement your Albion Awakening candles.


The Story of Albion

Arriving February 23rd, Mythologie Candles' 2024 Spring collection tells the story of a Celtic Springtime. This collection will take you on a tour of mystical ancient lands.

But what exactly does "Albion" mean? 

Let's find out!

What is an Onsen?

What IS an Onsen?

Japanese Onsens are hot springs and baths. 
Often you'll find a traditional Japanese inn, known as a Ryokan, accompanying the baths.
What to Read, Watch, and Play while Burning our Onsen Candles:
We’ve launched another amazing collection. Inspired by traditional Japanese hot spring retreats, the Onsen collection features three soothing scents that will turn your home into a rejuvenating spa.

Of course, the fragrance of the candles is only one part of immersion. We want to help you make these candles into a full experience.

To aid you on your quest, here are some of our picks for entertainment to indulge in while your Onsen candles flicker.
Our 2024 Valentine's Day Collection: Tristan & Isolde
Available February 1st, this brand new candle duo is inspired by the romantic legend of Tristan & Isolde.
But who are Tristan & Isolde? 
Sometimes known as Tristan and Iseult, these doomed lovers were the main characters in a 12th century medieval romance.
The Story of Brigid's Blessing

Brigid's Blessing will be available January 22nd through 31st ONLY. 

Throughout 2024 we'll be introducing new candles to celebrate the seasonal feasts of Celtic Tradition. 
The first of these candles is for the early spring feast of Imbolc.