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5 Facts About Author Selina R. Gonzalez & A Thieving Curse

Meet the Author from our Summer 2024 Quarterly Seasonal Box!

Every season, our Quarterly Seasonal Box delivers a treasure trove of themed items, including a book by an indie author.

Summer 2024 we're featuring A Thieving Curse, by Selina R. Gonzalez. 

We cornered her to get her to tell us 5 things about herself... and she was generous enough to tell us SIX things plus an additional 6 facts about the book.

Ready to crack the cover?

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Six Facts about Selina, According to Selina.

1. A common theme in my books is: you matter and are more than the ways you have been mistreated or the mistakes you’ve made.
2. I always include some things in my books simply because they make me happy--like cute animals.
3. I didn't set out to write a series of fairy tale retellings. I just had a random idea for marrying my love of dragons and Beauty and the Beast, and then secondary characters demanded their own books.
4. I aim to write books about healthy-but-imperfect couples with some romantic sizzle and without explicit spice.
5. I'm very visual and it tickles me every time someone says my books played out in their head like a movie.
Bonus 6. They say write what you know, and I studied medieval history in college and have lived in Colorado most of my life. So my story worlds have a medieval-inspired base, and the mountains in A Thieving Curse are inspired by the Rockies.


Selina R Gonzalez

Six Facts about A Thieving Curse

1. Although it's a romance, there's also a strong emphasis on sibling bonds and found family
2. There are cute goats.
3. There's banter!
4. This is a reimagining of Beauty and the Beast rather than a straight retelling, so prepare for twists on the curse's why and how and breaking...
5. Cursed dragon-shifter Alex purrs...literally. Like a "glorified, scaly cat."
Bonus 6: There's initially some very low-key enemies-to-lovers vibes.
Are you excited to read this now? We can't wait to share this book with you.
Reserve your copy with our Summer Quarterly Seasonal Box, but make sure you subscribe before May 1st, 2024 (Subscriptions started after May 1st will receive our Fall box as their first delivery). 


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