Room & Linen Sprays


Room & Linen Sprays give you that burst when you need it most so you can hastily remove foul odors and replace them with pure bliss... or use to freshen up fabrics and furniture.
Plus our pet safe fragrances are PERFECT to mask animal related odor.

Everyone who steps into your home will want to know, "What is that AMAZING aroma?"

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What makes our

Room & Linen Sprays unique?

Every single one of our room & linen sprays is hand-poured in small batches and packaged with love for the ultimate immersive experience! Clean, phthalate-free essential oil & fragrance blends provide the perfect ambiance to transport you to fantastic worlds. Combine that with one of a kind fragrances inspired by fantasy, history, and TTRPGs, and you’ll be able to journey to magical lands and exotic locations without leaving the comfort of your home or office-- all without a flame!