Candles for Mountain Lovers

Candles for Mountain Lovers

While we love it when a candle takes us into a fantasy realm, the natural world is also full of beauty and wonder.

Sometimes we just want to see mountains again!

If you're longing to climb the heights and feel the chill air of a mountain path, these are our top picks for candles that will get you there.

 Mountains Cold

Mountains Cold
The most obvious of our mountain candles is Mountains Cold. This candle is fresh air and high places and growing forests. It's the perfect way to journey to alpine bliss.
Mood: A steep path threads between mountain cliffs. Thunder crashes in the heights as giants play among the clouds.

Smells Like: Crisp mountain air and high trails, shadowed by oak trees and leather boots upon hard stone.

The Dwarf

the dwarf

A deeper fragrance with a little bit of spice, The Dwarf is for the rugged and the strong. Seriously, this candle smells like the strong, silent love interest from a romance novel. 

Mood: A crackling fire in a chamber deep beneath the earth. Songs by the hearth and the crash of a blacksmith's hammer on sparking metal.

Smells Like: Spicy black pepper and bright bergamot anchored in deep woods.

Find it here.

Underground Kingdom

underground kingdom

If the roots of the mountains interest you just as much as their heights, we suggest Underground Kingdom. We adore this candle's aroma of spruce and leather and cool air. 

Mood: A bearded smith feeds seasoned wood into a smoking forge. Deep voices chant an ancient song that echoes through halls of stone, deep beneath the mountain.

Smells Like: Spruce roots twisting through cool earth of the mountains and leather-wrapped handles of well-used axes.

Find it here.

Cave Troll

cave troll

Ever tried spelunking? If you are a caver or ever dreamed of exploring a cave, you'll adore this candle. 

Mood: A massive, grey-skinned monster lumbers into view. Slow but hostile, he hides in his damp cave until dusk, lest the sunlight turns him to stone.

Smells Like: Packed earth, mossy stone walls, decaying leaves, and mushrooms.

Find it here.



If your idea of a mountain is a volcano, you need Shadowlands. Become wreathed in the smoke of a burning mountain with this unique fragrance. 

Mood: Smoke rises from deep pits, twisting into the leaden skies like reaching fingers. The harsh red glow of distant fires flickers on the horizon. Darkness falls on an angry land.

Smells Like: Writhing smoke and burning trees, blackened with charcoal and despair.

Find it here

Which of these fragrances sounds the most appealing to you? What other locations would you like to visit in the flame of a candle? Let us know and we might do another list soon!

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