Christmas in the Castle Ambiences

Christmas in the Castle Ambiences

Mythologie Candles' brand new seasonal collection, Christmas in the Castle, drops November 17th! 

This collection features six new candles, each a classic holiday fragrance, but with a twist. Imagine classic scents like pines and peppermints except sprinkled with Mythologie to create unique, handcrafted aromas you'll never find at a big box store. 

To help you get into the mood, we've paired each of the fragrances with an ambience video. You can put these on while you burn the candles to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

So without further adieu here are six cozy, wintery ambience videos and the candle stories they pair with. 

Royal Tapestry

The weaver hums as her shuttle moves in and out of the warp threads, stretched into her loom, pulling the colorful weft through in and out. Slowly, row by row, thread by thread, a picture forms. A single tapestry takes months to craft, and each thread must be perfect.
In the throne room such great work already hangs, showing great deeds of old. The king's guests stop to admire the masterwork, commenting on the colors and the craftmanship.
Some include metallic threads which glint in the light from the tall windows, like snow shining in the midday sun.
The time, skill, and care put into each will be admired for generations.

Medieval Deer Hunt

The forest king, a stately stag, walks the paths of his realm, listening, sniffing, alert.
The snow covering the forest floor has made food scarce for his charges. He scratches away the ice, hoping to find grazing beneath and yearlings strip bark from the stately trees.
A sound catches his ears, the distant bay of approaching hounds. He gives a cry and, as one, his herd moves. Gracefully leaping from the clearing into the thick underbrush. As soon as they are well away, the great stag takes his flight, leading the hounds away from his mates and offspring, deeper into the woods.

Knight's Noble Fir

Stars shine overhead as the knight rides the path through the woods. Earlier in the year he spied a stately tree, its boughs deep green, its crown above its peers. He marked it with a ribbon, planning to return when Christmas draws near.
The time is now.
The moon glides from behind the wispy winter cloud, casting a silver sheen across the pure white snow. The knight dismounts at the foot of the hill, gazing upward to where his prize awaits.
At the crest of the hill stands a grand fir, its branches spangled with frost and ice but beneath living green needles, as fragrant now as within the heart of summer.
The knight approaches with reverence. This tree will stand in the castle halls, the heart of the celebration, bringing joy to many.

King's Cider House

On a merry night at the cider house, the patrons sit before the crackling fire, swapping tales and songs. Outside the wind howls, a winter storm shaking the shutters.
The door opens, and all fall silent as a regal figure enters. The king has descended from his castle on the hill and now strides into the common room, eyes twinkling. He motions to the keeper and whispers a word.
The concern on the tavern keeper's face turns to a grin and he shouts out, "Drinks for all!" The assembly cheers.
Soon, tavern maids tote jugs of sweet cider, filling each vessel in turn. The winter is long and cold and hard, but tonight the king drinks with his subjects. All is well.

Hearth in the Great Hall

Quiet falls over the palace as the hour grows late. The feast is over, the music has ceased, and the weary dancers nod their heads upon couches or wander towards their beds.
In the royal chamber, servants stoke the fire, piling it high with fragrant wood to keep the king and queen warm throughout the night.
Once alone, the queen sits upon a bearskin rug before the fire and watches the flames. The red glow reflects in her eyes as she remembers the festivity of the holiday feast, the joys of the dance, and the laughter of her children.
A hand rests on her shoulder, and she raises her eyes to her king. He smiles and reclines beside her. Together they sit, watching the flickering of the flames and the rising of the smoke, long into the night.

Crimson Conquest

The battle rages on a winter's morn. Fallen warriors lie cold in the snow as smoke drifts across the battle field. From the turrets, the lady of the castle watches as her remaining men stand between her and the encroaching enemy.
So few remain.
Is all lost?
A horn sounds in the distance and a rider on a white horse crests the horizon. His cape unfurls, scarlet, behind him, as he raises a shining sword to the sky.
The troops rally. Their champion has arrived. The tides are about to turn.

Christmas in the Castle

Which of these ambiences do you most want to lose yourself in? Imagine pairing them all with a candle that will bring the scene to life around you. It will be winter bliss!
The collection drops November 17th. To become an earlybird click here

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