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How To Make Your Home Fantastical, Featuring Little Miss Fruit Kates

Katie, otherwise known as Little Miss Fruit Kates, is an artist, influencer, and cosplayer with a distinct, adorable style.
We caught up with her to ask her to tell us her secrets for creating a Fantastical Living Space. 

Let's see what magic she divulged:


little miss fruit kates

What ignited your passion for fantasy?
Fantasy films were a major part of my childhood and continue to be one of the main inspirations for me when it comes to making my space feel fantastical.
About a year ago I met a group of content creators that really inspired me to pick up reading again.
I am so incredibly thankful for the books I’ve been recommended and the worlds and realms I've visited through ink on pages📚

When did you start creating cosplays?
I would say I started playing with the idea of cosplay in my early twenties.
Recreating character costumes brings me so much joy! Sometimes, I get in my head about whether or not my skills can handle a cosplay, but I remind myself that ANYONE at ANY SKILL can do it.
I love hitting up a thrift store and finding something that can be used and build from there.

What is your favorite cosplay that you’ve created?
I really enjoyed creating my Princess Leia cosplay during quarantine of 2020 and I very much enjoy dressing up as a Hobbit. 😉
My 2023-24 cosplays are well underway though, and I would love to become more comfortable behind a sewing machine! I am currently a glue gun princess!👑

fantasy decor

What was your inspiration to begin making your home look and feel fantastical?
Well first of all, my husband and I have housemates, so there is a balance of respecting our housemates and also keeping true to ourselves by making our personal spaces extra fantastical so they feel our own.🌱

Films and books remain a huge inspiration for us. Of course Fantasy films have given us so much inspo for our home, but also our favorite classics like: Robin Hood and The Sword in the Stone sprinkled with our childhood faves: Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars.

desk area, fantasy style

Which room or space in your home did you transform first?
My bedroom is my happy place so that was the first area to transform. I would describe our space as a cozy Hobbit hole with hints of an herbalist wizard. Lots of plants and whimsical artwork that make us both feel happy and safe.

After our room, I started decorating my craft corner with items that inspire me and keep me motivated but not distracted😅

fantasy books, plants, and art

What are your best tips to creating a fantastical space? Do you have any favorite statement pieces?
I would recommend figuring out a theme or realm you'd like your space(s) to be sprinkled with and fill it with things that spark joy!
Remember that creating your own fantastical space doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.
I recommend hitting up thrift shops!
Keep your eye on frames, candle sticks, baskets, planters, and quirky artwork. Adding plants/greenery whether it be real or fake is also an easy way to create a space that is yours.
Scroll through Pinterest, search hashtags on social media, and find some DIY projects! I 3D printed a stand for my Hobbit pipe and painted it and covered it in moss and berries, and it’s one of my favorite items in my room.
The fun never ends when creating your own space🥰

Do you try to make the fantastical parts of your home immersive spaces? If yes, what do you include to make them immersive?
Oh, absolutely! We are big on lighting candles that go along with the theme of the movie or show we are watching, and you can bet we have a Mythologie candle burning on D&D nights!
We just recently concluded our annual rewatch of Game of Thrones and devoured several of our favorite scents, including Knighting Ceremony⚔️

fantasy wall art
Find out more about Little Miss Fruit Kates on her Linktree
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