Improve Thanksgiving with Candles!

Improve Thanksgiving with Candles!

How to Improve Thanksgiving with Candles

As the event that kicks off the winter holiday season but is sometimes overshadowed by the shopping and the decorating that follows, Thanksgiving deserves a little love. To celebrate the holiday, we've put together this quick guide for how to make your Thanksgiving a little more magical (or less stressful) with the power of candles. 

Conversation Starter

You're sitting around the table or maybe after dinner when the dishes are cleaned up, but you're still waiting for the meal to settle before you break out the pies. What do you talk about?

Whipping out your favorite candle and explaining how good it smells before giving a demonstration is a great option. Mythologie Candles even come with fun descriptions on the labels that you can read out loud to set the stage before you light it.

Conversation Stopper

That one aggressive uncle or opinionated cousin about to start arguing politics? Loudly announce, "Oh, dear, I forgot to light a candle. Which one do you all think I should light?" Then light the candle and say, "Listen to that crackling wood wick. Isn't it soothing? Doesn't the flickering flame make you sleepy?" Ideally, this will hypnotize anyone who was being obnoxious so you can finish your turkey in peace. 

Cover for Cooking Disaster

Oh no! Something burned or boiled over. Light your strongest, scent bomb candle to obscure the fragrance of ruined food. Remember, smell is a big part of how we taste things. 

Enhance Your After Dinner Nap

Finally the dishes are done and you're stuffed full. Create a perfect atmosphere for a quick snooze with a calming candle. You've earned it.

Do you have any candle tips for the holidays? We'd love to hear them. Stop by our Facebook community and share. 



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