Inside Scoop on Olympus from Our Founder

Inside Scoop on Olympus from Our Founder

We recently caught up with our founder, LEAH, to ask her some questions about our upcoming Olympus collection. Here's what she had to say:

What inspired this collection?

Well, we are named Mythologie Candles, so I always had ancient Greece on our wishlist of candle collections to release! The problem is there are so many options to choose from, so I went to our Guild members to help narrow down the choices.

What can we expect in terms of scents?

Since it's our Spring collection, you'll find a lot of fresh scents, but we also have some darker, smouldering scents for those stormy Spring days. Whenever we develop scent collections, we aim to create a well-rounded fragrance flight. In Olympus it looks like this:
Scent Category: Herbal
Notes of citrus and olive branches
Scent Category: Fresh and Earthy
Notes of ozone and petrichor
Scent Category: Smokey and Spicy
Smokey with notes of patchouli and black pepper
Scent Category: Fresh and Woody
Notes of black sea salt, cypress and driftwood
Scent Category: Fruity and Foody
Chocolate chai tea notes with a hint of pomegranate and berries
Scent Category: Floral and Woody
Notes of lavender and herbs, oak branches and vanilla blossoms.
This is truly an exquisite collection you won't want to miss!

Do you have a favorite?

I am in love with the dark, brooding notes of Hades. It's so sultry and smokey but not in a campfire kind of way... you just have to smell it to know what I mean!

Do you have a favorite Greek god/goddess or a favorite myth?

Athena is pretty cool!

The collection only covers a sixth of the endless pantheon of Greek gods. Was it hard to narrow it down?

Yes, very much. We consulted our Guild members to help us choose the top six.

Might we be seeing other fragrances inspired by these stories?

Absolutely, this is a collection we can expand over time!
Olympus launches March 10th, 2023.

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