The Perfect Night In

The Perfect Night In

You finally have the house to yourself. Normally you'd make the most out of this rare and auspicious occasion, but after the week you've had, you just want to bury yourself under some blankets and go to bed early. Even the brand new book on your nightstand isn't calling to you the way you hoped it would.

You're checking the fridge for leftovers you can heat up when your phone buzzes with a delivery notification. You pause. You weren't expecting anything, were you? Maybe you were and you just forgot. 

Bringing the package into the kitchen, you read the shipping label and suddenly remember. Excitement builds within you as you fetch your scissors and slice open the tape on top of the box. 

Delightful aromas encircle you, and you know your evening in just got so much better. You pull the first package out of the box and examine the intricate designs on the packaging, magical symbols teasing the fantastic experience to come. 

You realize you can't simply go through the motions here. This needs to be an event. After ordering your favorite food to be delivered to your door, you bring a bottle of wine out of the pantry. You'd been saving it for a special occasion, and this feels like the one. 

As you wait for your food, you choose the perfect vessel, an antique jar you'd found in a thrift shop a while back and which mirrors your aesthetic perfectly. While the wax melts, you carefully attach the wick to the bottom of this jar and use the wick holder to keep it upright as you pour the now liquid wax around it. 

The magical fragrance wafts around you. It smells of old books and gentle spices, ink and herbs and quiet moments. You remember the book you'd set aside. Maybe you'll read it after all. 

Your meal is delivered and you pour the glass of wine as you settle in for your dinner date with a story. As you sip your wine and read your book, the candle's aroma transports you to a magical land of high castles and ancient traditions. You can hear footsteps in the stone hallways, the murmured voices of knights and ladies, kings and queens. You are in another place, another time. 

Turning page after page, you know you will return often to savor such moments. After all, with your monthly Alchemy Kit delivery, you'll always be prepared. 

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