The Story Behind Potions (Featuring LEAH!)

The Story Behind Potions (Featuring LEAH!)

So the three candles in this collection are Health, Stamina, and Magicka. Let's start with the big question: What do they SMELL like?
I created these candles to smell like colors 🙂
Health is a red potion, so it smells like juicy cherries, plums, and red wine. Your health bar will be back to full in no time!
Stamina is a green potion, so you'll smell crispy green apples, clover, and herbs. One whiff of this potion and you'll be able to sprint long distances for miles on end.
Magicka is a blue potion, so you'll smell blueberries and a hint of fresh eucalyptus so it's not too overpowering. If your spell-casting powers have drained, you'll find this scent most invigorating!
What inspired this mini-collection?
It's no secret I've been a fan of the Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, for quite some time. It's been a fun way to decompress from the seriousness of life, and I enjoy playing it alongside my kids. The fun part about a potions collection is that you can apply it across many different Role-Playing Games.
What do you love about Skyrim?
Besides the dragons, treasures, mud crabs, giants, myriads of side quests, and glorious landscapes? I have no idea.
What are your favorite IRL side quests?
Coming up with new candle scents! That's one of the most fun ones. Also, a big one for me is making music. I'm currently finishing up the writing of the next album. It's a mix of symphonic heavy metal, Celtic and world influences, with some fantasy mixed in 🙂
What "potions" do you use in your real life?
All things coffee: black coffee, lattes, bulletproof coffees. And lots of water!
Finally, if you were preparing to go on a quest, what would you take with you?
First: Extra potions! You don't want to get in a bad situation without the ability to regenerate your character attributes.
Second: Augmented weapons. I like to have a single-handed sword on hand as well as a good bow.
Third: A trusty steed. Chances are the quest will be more enjoyable and even more safe if you have a good horse to carry you to your destination.
Does this collection sound amazing?
Our Potion collection launches on December 23rd, but Mythologie Guild members get 24 hour early access!!!

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  • Tiffani H

    I freaking love this idea and can not wait for it. They all sound amazing and a good mix. I can not wait

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