A moonless night, the breeze stirs the trees, their branches scraping like clawing fingers against the windows of an otherwise cozy roadside tavern. A cry pierces the night. Something is searching.
The path disappears into a dark tunnel. Wisps of white gauze cling to the stone and stick to the skin of passersby. Black eyes watch from the darkness. Something lurks.
Shouts and growls echo through the forest. Fire blazes, cold steel flashes, and villagers flee their quiet homes. Something is coming.
Brave the monsters of fantasy realms with this spine-tingling three candle mini-collection from Mythologie Candles.
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Reviews from our customers


"The aroma of the candle enhances the atmosphere and increases the enjoyment of any moment. All of the candles help the enjoyment of the season and activities that are shared with friends. They also help you relax and reflect when alone and enjoying any moment."


"Love, love, love the Halloween bundle. The scents are so different."


"Always love these candles! There's always such thought and care put into curating of the candles. And they're lovely, reliable quality. ❤️"


"I fell in love with the first sniff! I can't decide which is the most amazing scent... I'm so glad I decided to get all three. They will add a special something to Halloween and the dark, cold time ahead."


""ALL are incredible. Can't choose a favorite. Will be lighting these all month long.""