Spring in the Shire

Our Spring in The Shire Collection is For Lovers of Classic Fantasy Tales

In the heart of the shire, long sunny days are filled with folk working in their quaint gardens, sharing sweet cakes over afternoon tea and party celebrations running deep into the night. The soft blossoms falling from cherry trees and the gentle hum of honey bees is interrupted only by nosy neighbours peering out from round doors and the intrusion of unexpected guests.
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"I am so excited to see this collection come back!!! Gaffer’s Garden remains my favorite scent but I love this collection so much!!!!"


"I’ve been thinking about Gaffer’s Garden and Droppin’ Eaves for months and months! Very excited that they are coming back!"


"Received mine yesterday...incredible scents! Unique and true to their descriptions. Worth every penny, they transport me to the Shire, just love them."


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"I received my candle order yesterday and I couldn't be happier ❤️ Every scent is so immersive and it's so thrilling! The depth of the scents are unique and inspiring! 🕯️ Thank you for all your amazing work and dedication."


"YESSS!!! I. Am. So. EXCITED!! Fell completely in love with the minis last year!! Stocking up on the big ones this year!"