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Cozy Autumn and Winter Soundscapes for You

Are you ready for Autumn?

Tree branches rattle in a chill breeze. A scarlet maple leaf breaks away from its twig and drifts to the ground as the sun sets and stars begin to twinkle in the sky.

As the weather turns cold and nights grow longer, it's time to slow down, bundle up, and get cozy. Take the opportunity to savor this season of change by crafting your own refuge. All you need is a place to sit, something warm to wrap yourself in, be that a sweater or a fuzzy blanket, a favorite beverage to sip, and a good book to read or favorite show to watch ... or maybe just a window that looks out upon falling leaves. 

While a warm blanket, a fragrant candle, and a cup of soothing tea are all essential to this process, don't forget to feed your hearing along with your other senses.

To help you get in the proper comfy mood, we've selected five of our favorite seasonal soundscapes. 

Whether you want to spend your chilly season at magical Hogwarts, walking through a Victorian village, or strolling under the changing trees in a fantastical forest, there's something here for you. 

Five Seasonal Soundscapes for Cozy Ambience

Witch Coffee Shop Ambience

Halloween Cozy Autumn Ambience

 Halloween at Hogwarts

Playlist for Living in an Eternal Autumn

 Medieval Fantasy Forest in Autumn

 We hope you enjoy these selections.

This fall we're expanding our High Cottage line with new fragrances themed around a cozy village during fall and winter. This collection features six unique scents designed to transport you to a cozy village, inhabited by friendly critters. 

You'll love it!

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