Cozy Video Games for Cottagecore Vibes

Cozy Video Games for Cottagecore Vibes

When most people think of video games, they think adventure and excitement, fights to the death, battles of good vs evil, platform jumping to save the world.
And yeah, all that is awesome, but did you know gaming can be cozy too?
Here are some of our favorite picks for cozy video game experiences that go with a Cottagecore Vibe.

Stardew Valley

This indie phenomenon is all about leaving the daily grind for a slow paced, rural life. Fix up your grandfather's old farm, plant crops, raise virtual cows, and befriend the quirky villagers. Yes, there are aspects of this game that do involve some more traditional excitement, such as fighting monsters in the mines, but if you want to skip those elements, you can spend your days fishing, farming, and roaming around the peaceful haven that is Pelican Town.
Stardew Valley

When the Past Comes Around

While on the surface this seems to be just a short, lowkey puzzle game, When the Past Comes Around hides a gentle story of grief and memory as the protagonist unlocks the back story behind the love of her life. A little sad but homey and ultimately comforting with gentle coffee shop scenes and a focus on music.
when the past was around screen shot


It's hard to even call Autumn a game. It's almost more a forest simulator or meditation tool. Plant trees and collect leaves as you watch the seasons change in this dreamy water color landscape.
Autumn game screen shot

Behind the Frame: the Finest Scenery

Live your best life as an artist in this gentle puzzle game. Make yourself breakfast, cover canvases with paint, and solve easy puzzles all the while piecing together a slow-paced story.
behind the frame


This (as of this time) free to download game places you as a scavenging forest dweller on a mission to help his various critter friends. It only takes about a half hour to "beat" this game, but it's less about winning and more about taking a gentle break in a forest glade. Perfect with a cup of tea.
So what do you think? Are you ready to pour some tea, light a candle, and get into some cozy gaming? I definitely am!
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