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How to Choose a Cottagecore Baby Name

How to Choose a Cottagecore Baby Name

Congratulations! You have a little one on the way... or maybe you don't. Maybe you're just here because you're thinking about the future... or you want to name a character in the charming slice-of-life short story you're planning to write... or you really want to give your cat, dog, (choose your pet) a Cottagecore name. Either way, we're here for you! We've collected our favorite Cottagecore-themed names for you.

But first, why a Cottagecore name?

The Cottagecore aesthetic evokes a call back to a simpler time, rural life, grounded in small pleasures and gentle moments. It's the perfect vibe for a new arrival, but what's more, Cottagecore is grounded in tradition and history, meaning that while the names are often sweet and a little whimsical, they have a respectable, established feel to them, not likely to cause teasing or headaches when trying to get your name spelled right on your coffee order.
With that said, here are some amazing ways to choose a Cottagecore name.

Names from Literature, Authors

Names of authors are often timeless and bring with them a sense of gravitas and history. Choose a personal favorite or just go to the classics section of your library or local bookshop and browse spines for inspiration.


Bronte, Emily, Charlotte, Beatrix, Jane, Harriet, Louisa, Laura, Elizabeth, Christina
Charles, Nathaniel, Hawthorne, Twain, Walter, Arthur, Lewis, Elliot, Jules, Verne, Wilkie, Wilder, Grahame

Names from Literature, Characters

Similar to author names, the name of a classic character can immediately create a sense of goodwill and comfort. If you have a childhood classic you loved, it can also be an extremely personal choice, weaving meaning into the syllables.


Heidi, Alice, Rowena, Rebecca, Winnie, Wendy, Anne, Jo, Matilda, Silas, Sam, Christopher, Martin, Tom, Sawyer, Wilder, Oliver, Edward, Walden

Names from History

There are many names that were popular in the past that have become less common in modern times, but due to their association with historical figures will always feel familiar and approachable. A name can be inspired by a personal hero or just by the past as a whole (the number of important historical Williams or Marys is inexhaustible!).


Victoria, Marie, Harriet, Dolly, Florence, Susan, Elizabeth, Emmeline, Ada, Mary, Josephine
Lincoln, Grant, Darwin, Blake, Alexander, William, Henry, Albert, Faraday, Nicola, Louis, Henry

Names from Nature

Cottagecore is tied in closely to rural living, farms, forests, and gardens. Floral and nature names often have positive associations. Another advantage is that many are gender-neutral, allowing you to choose a name even if you aren't doing a gender reveal. You can also personalize it if you choose your favorite flower or tree.


Iris, Daisy, Rose, Willow, Hazel, Dawn, Poppy, Olive, Brooke, Heather, Violet, Dahlia, Ivy
Wren, Aspen, River
Ash, Rowan, Forest, Basil, Linden
Name association carries a lot of power, giving an impression of an individual long before words have been spoken. Cottagecore names can provide that perfect common ground between comforting and cute and respectable and established.

Do you have any favorite Cottagecore-inspired names?

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  • Victoria

    My youngest daughter’s name is Emily Rose. However, I didn’t know it was “cottage core” when I chose it 29 years ago! Funny how what’s old is new again.

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