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Our Founder Talks Cottagecore!

We're expanding our original Cottagecore collection ... but what does this mean? Why are we doing it? We asked our founder, LEAH, to give us the inside scoop on these new candles. 
Our original Cottagecore collection was only three candles. This collection features six brand new scents. What drew you to return to and expand this theme?
Our original Cottagecore collection was such a hit with our customers that we knew we had to bring it back with even more scents to choose from. The cozy and nostalgic feeling of Cottagecore resonates with so many people, especially during these challenging times. We wanted to create a line of candles that evokes that sense of comfort and familiarity, and we think these six new scents do just that.
What sorts of moods can we anticipate from these scents?
Each scent in the Cottagecore collection is designed to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.
With scents like "Clothespins & Quilts" and "Book Nook," you can expect a cozy, comfortable feeling, while scents like "Green Thumb" and "Through the Brambles" bring a bit of the outdoors inside.
And "Honeycomb Haven" and "I Dream in Lavender" provide a more calming, soothing ambiance.
What activities would you suggest burning them during?
These candles are perfect for enhancing the Cottagecore experience during activities such as gardening, baking, crafting, or simply enjoying a cup of tea. You can also burn them while reading a classic novel, listening to music, or watching your favorite TV show or movie. This collection a will help to transform your space into a cozy and nostalgic place!
It seems very cozy. Do you have any tips for creating a cozy environment?
First, start with a color palette you love. Cottagecore embodies soft neutrals and pastels. Look to layer colors such as creams, whites, natural woods and earthy hues. I love a muddy green, antique white and pale brown together.
Then, look to add textures like wood, velvet, wrought iron, lace, and printed textiles. That might come in the form of an antique wooden table, mix-and-match wooden chairs, patterned curtains, some lush throw pillows, a lace table runner, and amber light bulbs to create a warm glow instead of sharp LED bulbs.
Cottagecore often mirrors classic literature, especially that of England. Do you have favorite tales or authors that suit the genre?
Absolutely. Classic literature is a great source of inspiration for the Cottagecore aesthetic. For example, Jane Austen's novels, such as "Pride and Prejudice," perfectly capture the romantic and idyllic aspects of cottage life.
"The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame evokes the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life, which are central to the Cottagecore lifestyle.
And of course, there's the beloved series "Little House on the Prairie" by Laura Ingalls Wilder, which paints a vivid picture of life in a rural setting.
Another classic that fits perfectly with the Cottagecore theme is "Anne of Green Gables" by L.M. Montgomery, which celebrates imagination, nature, and the beauty of a simple life. There's really an endless amount of books perfect for Cottagecore!
It seems like cottage life could provide endless inspiration. Will we be seeing more from this line in the near future?
Definitely! We're always brainstorming new scents and collections, and the Cottagecore line is no exception. We have endless ideas and we also love hearing from our customers through our social media.
We started a dedicated Facebook page and Instagram account for all things Cottagecore!
Finally, do you have a favorite fragrance from this collection?
That's a tough one! It's hard to choose just one, but I would have to say "Book Nook" and "Through the Brambles." They are polar opposites and evoke completely different emotions and atmospheres, but I love them both! Book Nook is very academic, but cozy. "Through the Brambles" is wild and fruity.
Discover the 2023 Cottagecore collection.

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  • Barbara

    I like to burn my candles all the time. Especially during house cleaning, washing dishes, folding laundry. Every day things. It makes tasks more pleasant and encourages creative thought during more mundane activities. It is also very nice when unexpected company pops in, and they are greeted with a welcoming scent.

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