Spill the Tea: Our Staff's Favorite Teas

Spill the Tea: Our Staff's Favorite Teas

A major part of living the Cottagecore lifestyle is taking small moments to appreciate little, quiet pleasures. One of our favorites? A nice cup of tea on a quiet afternoon. 

We recently asked some of our Mythologie Elves what their favorite teas were, and we received a wide range of answers. 

“My local grocery store has a simple ‘English Rose’ tea that I discovered about a year ago, and it has become my favorite. I like a good strong tea but with some complexity so getting a sturdy English breakfast style but softened with light floral notes of rose is the perfect balance for me. Plus it makes me feel like I'm in Wonderland.” - Heidi

“I'm a huge fan of black teas and have 3 types that I'm always exploring and looking for new entries in: I love Earl/Lady Grey, English breakfast blends, and Chinese red teas (which are actually black teas, and have nothing to do with rooibos). My grandmother actually grows her own bergamot, so I've been addicted to Earl Grey for as long as I can remember.” - Kirill

“My all time favorite is green tea. I've never had a green tea variation I didn't like! It goes well with every mood, cake, and biscuit! My personal favorite combination is matcha green tea with strawberry shortcake. I also really like green tea with lemon—I get the Bigelow brand. This pairs nicely with so many cakes, sweet breads, biscuits, toasts, and crumpets. The lemon flavor isn't too strong and balances out the bitterness. The tad bit of bitterness it does have pairs so well with anything sweet or buttery.” - Savannah

Jasmine green tea is my ‘can never go wrong’ tea - it’s such a good flavor by itself, with sugar, with honey, and no matter what time of year or day. Though I am becoming a fan of Earl Grey (especially with lavender thanks to D&Tea), and some blacks teas, usually ones that have fruit of some kind added in.” - Makenzie

Classic Orange Pekoe is my constant companion. The best one I've discovered so far is Yorkshire Gold; if you have only ever tasted cheaper black teas, I highly recommend giving Yorkshire Gold a try. But be warned, your everyday Orange Pekoe will not be the same afterwards.” - Stacy

“I’m pretty sure I like every kind of tea—my pantry could truly be a tea shoppe. But jasmine green tea has been my go-to ever since I first sipped it from small white porcelain cups at a favorite Vietnamese restaurant. They refilled my teapot for free and I was hooked. Since then I’ve enjoyed it hot, iced, and in boba. The jasmine scent is so soothing & aromatic.” - Jenni

“I’m a really big fan of Butterfly pea flower tea (sounds appetizing, I know). It’s a really rich deep blue color that changes to a really pleasant purple or pink shade when you add lemon to it. It is kind of fun, like a little potion. It is really floral and earthy and I love it!” - Luke

“One of my favorite teas is Queen of Tarts from DAVIDsTEA. It's exactly as tart as the name suggests and very fruity. It makes an excellent iced tea, and I love to combine it with lemonade too!” - Bri

There are so many ways to enjoy tea. Have you tried any of these blends? What is your favorite?

Your next Cottagecore assignment? Make time to savor a cup of tea. Want to make the moment even homier? Light a candle and let the flame flicker as you sip.

Here are some suggestions.


  • Silvia

    I also love tea, the ones with spices and green tea, but am limited to decaf and sugar free, I’m currently using Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend herbal tea, Salada Green Tea, and Lipton Iced Tea, all decaf/sugar free.

  • Carrie

    We love the teas from Magic Hour Tea Company. Bohemian Breakfast, Queen of the Harvest, and Leo: Queen of Courage teas are our favs. Also, Old Barrel Tea Co Bee Pollen Black and Enchanted Lavendar Earl Grey are favs too. During a busy day stopping for teatime can be so calming. 🫖

  • Dawn

    I buy tea from Plum Deluxe out of Oregon (or is it Washington?). All natural and locally grown flavors. I don’t even have to put sugar in them, they taste so good. They have Green tea, black tea, caffeinated, noncaffeinated. So far I haven’t found one I don’t like.

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