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Start a Letter Writing Ritual

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

Not an email or a text, but just an old fashioned, handwritten letter?

Has it been a while?

Whether you're a letter novice or an advanced epistle scribe, we have some small flourishes to help you create a snail mail ritual. 🐌💌

So light a cozy candle and let's get started.

High Cottage candle with old books and a quill pen

Nurturing a Letter Writing Ritual...

Find Reasons to Write.

Why are cards only for birthdays and holidays? Getting a hand addressed card or note is a sure way to make someone feel special.

Indulge in the practice with simple thank you or thinking of you notes. Send jokes, poems, and advice like a mysterious magical being in the woods. 


Use Beautiful Things.

Many of us hoard journals and notebooks without ever writing in them. The same can often be true of stationery, notecards, and stickers.

But the true joy in these things is in using or sharing! Break out your best, and bring delight to yourself and those you send to.


Express Yourself.

Write a poem. Draw a doodle. Tell a story.

When your recipient opens an envelope to find a cartoon cat or a funny limerick awaiting them, they'll be sure to smile. 


Include Gifts. 

Pressed flowers, bookmarks, stickers.

Little inexpensive tokens tucked into a card will make someone's day!


Be Mysterious.

Maybe you don't immediately know who to write to. Let fate decide!

Take on a persona and write a cryptic message to hide in a library book or on a bookstore shelf. 

Slip a word of encouragement  into a store display or pin it to a notice board.

Whoever finds it will think they've entered a fantasy novel. 


Set the Mood.

Finally, make your letter writing an experience.

Plan out who you plan to write to and what you plan to say.

Gather your best pens and stationary.

Put on some music, light a candle, and immerse yourself in the quiet magic of handwritten notes.

Need help setting the mood for the ritual?

Our cozy High Cottage candle line will spark your imagination with its soothing, evocative fragrances. 


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