6 Books to Read with Albion Awakening.

6 Books to Read with Albion Awakening.

6 Books to Read with Albion Awakening.

Our 2024 Spring Seasonal Collection arrived last week to bring candle lovers the magic of a Celtic Spring. 

Want to make a real celebration out of your candle delivery? Put on our Albion Awakening playlist and open a great book.

Need some suggestions for epic fantasy reads?

We've got you covered.

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Six Books to Read with Albion Awakening:


Prydain Chronicles
by Lloyd Alexander

This series was a childhood favorite for many Mythologie Heroes. Follow the brave assistant pig-keeper Taran and his band of misfit friends as they face off against the terrifying Horned King. 
We suggest burning Sacred Well with its notes of white musk and ancient magic while you return to these timeless tales.

An Echo of the Fae
by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

This sweet but fantastical middle-grade tale sends a brave young girl on a mission to save the sister she never knew. 
Fae mischief pervades this coming of age quest making it pair well with Pixie Whispers.

The Dark is Rising Sequence 
by Susan Cooper

Another series, but we had to recommend this folkloric tale of the battle between good and evil.
Experience this search for ancient symbols while you burn Stone Circle with its amber and neroli notes.

The Lord of Dreams 
by C.J. Brightley

Folklore meets Labyrinth in this breathtaking romantic fantasy. A modern woman is swept into the land of dreams by an enigmatic fairy king.
Will she survive the quest he places before her?
Pair with the lavender and herbal scent of Celtic Healing for a magical experience. 

Fey of the Castle Garden 
by Naomi P. Cohen

Set in New York in 1859, follow mage and musician Sofia as she deals with the politics surrounding immigrant fey. 
When a series of arsons and murders bring the fey courts to the brink of war, light up Fire Dance to smell the smoke as you read.

Song of Albion
by Stephen Lawhead

Yes, it's another series, but that just means more to read!
Modern college students are swept into the time-between-times and an epic battle between good and evil. 
This tale begins in the misty glens of Scotland. Tree of Life's foresty notes will take you right into the book.  
albion candle
Albion Awakening features six new candles to bring the myths and legends of the ancient British isles to life. 
Light your favorite and open a book. You'll find yourself lost in the story in no time.

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