A Meeting Between Men & Elves

A Meeting Between Men & Elves

A Meeting Between Men & Elves

The wind sweeps over the wild green lands as banners flutter above a nearby citadel by the sea. White towers rise beside a sparkling blue bay capped with white waves. Elegant, swan-prowed ships cut through the water, their sails billowing in the fresh breeze.

The road winds through this fair port city, and along it walk stately elves in flowing golden robes. Their faces are ageless and serene, their hair long, and upon their brows many wear jewels of silver and white.

They reach the harbor. A great ship with the sun painted on its sails comes into port. On its deck are Men, tall and strong, their voices deep, their ways, by the standard of the Elves, impatient. They are a young race, growing in strength but lacking in wisdom. However, it may be in their hands that the fate of the world rests.

Rumors whisper through the crowd at the docks as well as those upon the ship. Can these two groups trust each other?

Choices must be made and bonds formed if the free folk are to survive the coming storm.


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