Amazing Camelot Themed Books

Amazing Camelot Themed Books

Amazing Camelot Themed Books

Looking to lose yourself in worlds of ancient wizards, brave knights, and epic quests? We've gathered recommendations for books based on Arthurian legends. 

Once and Future King

by T. H. White
You can't go wrong with this classic retelling of the Arthurian legends. Poetic and deep enough for older audiences but entertaining enough to appeal across the ages, this book tells the story of Arthur with humor and warmth.
the once and future king


by Stephen R. Lawhead
This first book in the Pendragon Cycle begins in Atlantis and deals in great tragedy and epic prophesy.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, and Sir Orfeo

Translated by J.R.R. Tolkien
If you like your Arthurian legend in the form of epic poetry, master wordsmith J.R.R. Tolkien's vibrant translation of these medieval works is a can't miss.

Le Morte d'Arthur

By Thomas Malory
One of the more expansive collections of Arthurian tales, this 15th century collection is a must for any who love the poetry of older works, though you can find revised and edited versions, updated for easier, modern reading.
le morte d'arthur

Here, There Be Dragons

By James A. Owen
During the first World War, three young scholars are swept away into a land of myth and legend, on a quest that takes them to Avalon, among other fantastic locales.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

By Mark Twain
For a more humorous, but still potent and sad, take on Arthurian legends, we recommend this tale. Follow a time-travelling American on a journey through Arthur's kingdom in this narrative that is both ruthlessly tongue in cheek and surprisingly heartfelt.
Knight charging the Connecticut yankee who is up a tree

Over Sea, Under Stone

by Susan Cooper
For slightly younger readers, this combination of modern middle-grade adventure and Arthurian and Celtic mythology is a modern classic. Join the young protagonists as they seek ancient symbols to hold back the darkness.

Merlin and the Dragons

by Jane Yolen
For the youngest of readers (or those of us who just really, really, really love dragons), this artfully illustrated picture book is highly recommended. Listen as Merlin weaves a tale for an anxious young Arthur, recently crowned and needing reassurance of his place in the world. (Did we mention there are dragons?)
Merlin and the Dragons
So what do you think? Is your favorite tale on our list? 
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