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Become a Fragrance Sommelier

Have you ever done a tasting session—but for smells?

These days you can go wine tasting, olive oil tasting, and cheese tasting, but what if you are more interested in smells than tastes?
Maybe you just got one of Mythologie's Discovery Boxes with nine different scents you want to experience, but now you're staring at the adorable mini-candles and wondering where to begin?
Or maybe you recently signed up to get our first-ever Tester Box and are hoping to sharpen your senses to get the most out of that experience?

Here are some tips for you:

Prep Your Area:

  • If you are smelling multiple candles at a time, you probably will want to have a notepad or some other way to keep track of which fragrances smelled like what.
  • With mini-candles, their throw is not as strong as the full-sized versions, so you will want to choose a smaller area. High ceilings and large rooms can dilute the fragrance.
  • Ventilation can matter. If there is no air movement, the scent tends to stay in one spot, and might not reach your nose.
  • If you are smelling multiple candles in a row, you may want to clear your "palate" between samplings, so one scent doesn't bleed into another or you don't experience "nasal fatigue." Coffee is the traditional palate cleanser. A good whiff of strong coffee grounds should reset your "smell buds" and prepare you for the next fragrance.

Cold Sniff:

The cold sniff for a candle can be just as important as the hot throw and different scents might present on cold than warm.
  • Take a moment to sniff each candle.
  • Write down what your first impression is.
  • Let it sit for a moment, then think about what scents linger.
  • To get an even more immersive experience, try to imagine where this scent transports you and what activities it might enhance. Is it an enlivening fragrance for gaming or a soothing one for reading? Does it paint a picture for you?

Hot Throw:

Here's the real test, the candle in its intended form: ON FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥
  • After lighting a candle, allow it to form a healthy wax pool before trying to establish the scent notes.
  • If you aren't getting a fragrance right away (these are small candles and will not have the throw of a full-sized candle) try waving your hand over the candle to waft the fragrance closer to you. Sometimes airflow is needed to activate the fragrance.
  • Don't put your nose too near the flame. Even if using a warmer instead of burning the candle, you'll want to smell from a distance.
  • A candle warmer definitely works with mini-candles (and can extend their lives) but an actual flame will create a slightly different smell experience, so keep that in mind if you decide to go the flame-less route.
  • Take a break between throw tests to allow the scent to clear the room, though once you have a clear idea of the individual scents, you might want to try burning them in random to create an exciting new fragrance sensation.
  • Again, take notes. You'll want to remember which fragrance was which.
  • Don't underestimate the power of a second session. Some scents actually mature with a second burning and you may notice notes you didn't the first time around.
  • This is all about YOUR impressions, YOUR preferences. There is no wrong answer as to what you think they smell like. You're here to find YOUR favorite scent, not anyone else's.

Congratulations! You are now a Scent Expert!

Want to have extra fun?

Have a smell-testing party and pass your Discovery Box or Tester Box candles around with your friends. (If you are a Mythologie Ambassador, you can even get a 10% commission off of any sales that originate from you sharing our candles with others. (Click here for more information)
Want to get started? Craft your personalized Discovery Box.

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