Candles and Pet Safety

Furry (or even feathered or scaly) friends can light up our lives just like a candle, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether your candles and your animal companions are compatible?

Believe it or not, some scented candles can provide a danger to pets! As our founder, Leah, and many of our staff are devoted "pet parents," we want to make sure you have the tools to protect your pets, so here are our top tips for pet-and-candle safety.

Certain chemicals that may be used in fragrances can cause respiratory issues for sensitive pets, and certain essential oils (often used in scented candles labeled "natural") can be harmful to cats and dogs.

So what can you do? Do you have to give up your scented candle obsession for your pets?

Not at all!

If you want to maintain your candle habit but also protect your pets, opt for candles that are made from organic waxes such as soy, beeswax, vegetable wax, or--Mythologie Candles' wax of choice--coconut wax! They're not only better for your pet, but they are better for the planet.

Even if a candle claims to be all-natural, you will still want to check that they aren't using essential oils that are harmful. Look for candle brands that are "pet safe." (Hint: Mythologie Candles ONLY uses pet-safe fragrance oils)

Finally, even if the scents are completely pet friendly, candles do involve open flames which can be risky for inquisitive pets for an entirely different reason. Never leave a candle burning unattended and be cognizant of pets who might be able to climb or jump to where a candle is located. Pets can be sneaky (especially crafty, curious cats!). If you want the fragrance of a candle without the danger of a flame, consider wax/candle warmers. These electrical heating elements can melt your candle and release the scent without the dangers of an open flame.

We hope these tips will help keep you and your pets safe and well so you can enjoy amazing, immersive Mythologie candle fragrance for years to come!

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