Candles for Teachers!

National Teacher Day is May 2nd, so we thought we'd take a few minutes to give our best recommendations for candles for teachers. After all, teachers probably get enough apples and Starbucks gift cards. Time to give them a way to transform their classroom into a magical world!

Book of Kells

If your teacher is a fan of literature, history, or just loves the smell of old books, choose Book of Kells for its sweet, calming fragrance of old ink, leather bound covers, and lavender. 

Book of Kells

Drums in the Deep

 For the music teacher in your life, we suggest Drums in the Deep. This smoky, spicy candle will help everyone find their rhythm. 

drums in the deep

Dwarven Forge

 Perfect for a shop teacher or a history teacher who loves reenactments: Dwarven Forge will whisk you away to a forge deep under the mountains with its scents of sandalwood, leather, and amber.

dwarven forge

The Alchemist

Great for chemistry teachers or just teachers who love a little magic in their day-to-day life, The Alchemist thrills with a blend of cinnamon, patchouli, and cedarwood. 

the alchemist

The Tudor House Library

 Ah, libraries! This candle suits history teachers, English teachers, and any teachers who love books. The Tudor House Library has a sweet, spicy fragrance of amber and citrus with a touch of clove.

tudor house library

The Wizard

Teachers can be mentor figures, and our favorite mentor figure is Gandalf. That's why our final recommendation on this list is The Wizard with its homey fragrance of cherry, cognac, and vanilla. 

the wizard

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