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Discover the Discovery Box

Whenever our Mythologie Elves come up with new and magical ways to bring you candle magic, there's always a moment of, "Great, but how do I use this?"
If you have seen us talking about the new Discovery Box, maybe you're already on top of it and eagerly mix and matching to create your own customer mini-candle experience … or maybe you're standing back, trying to figure out what you'd want something like this for.
Whether you're all in but want some more ideas for what to do with your Discovery Box or you need some more information before you make up your mind, we've outlined some awesome examples of how Discovery Boxes can level up your candle experience:

Craft your own perfect collection:

Our mini-candles are great for small offices, bathrooms, or even keeping in the cup holder of your car to use as an air freshener. Sometimes you just want a candle you can take with you. Before if you wanted mini-candles, you had to get them in pre-set collections, often with only one of your favorite and maybe two or three that just weren't your cup of tea. Now you can mix and match and create a bundle that only includes your absolute favorites.

Make a custom gift:

Our mini-candle kits have always made great gifts, but now you can customize your set to the tastes of your loved one. Or maybe you're making gift baskets and instead of a variety, you want everyone involved to get the same candle. Use the Discovery Box to order multiple mini-candles of one fragrance for an equitable experience for Bridesmaid gifts, gifts for co-workers, or customer appreciation gifts for your business.
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Try new fragrances:

Have you seen a candle on our site that intrigues you but you are hesitant enough about one or more of the scent notes that you don't want to risk investing in a full-size? Include that fragrance in your Discovery Box (maybe along with some old favorites you KNOW you'll love), and give it a try. It may be your next favorite candle.

Tell a story:

Maybe you want a mini-candle to light at each chapter of a book you're reading (or writing) and want to match the fragrances to your story. Maybe you are hosting a role-playing game session and want to give each player a candle that represents their PC or one of the locations your party will visit. Maybe you want to have a series of candles to light during a movie or show you want to fully lose yourself in. Now you can craft a multi-fragrance journey through a world of your choice, a journey YOU design rather than having our Mythologie Elves choose for you.
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Do you have more questions? Our customer service Happiness Wizards would be happy to help. Just reach out to them at care@mythologiecandles.com. You can also join us in our Facebook community to talk to other Mythologie Heroes, and maybe get their input on how to create the best Discovery Box for your personal needs.

Check out the Discovery Box!

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