Just a Normal Wednesday Night...

Just a Normal Wednesday Night...

Just a Normal Wednesday Night

or is it...?

You slam your front door behind you and lean against it for a long moment. It's been a week and a half and it's only, what? Wednesday? How can it only be Wednesday?!
Too tired to cook, you take out your phone and thumb through delivery and take-out options in your area. You wish there was something new, something exciting, to get you out of your slump. Maybe you should just pour a bowl of cereal and zone out in front of the TV.
Entering your kitchen, you find a stack of books you picked up from the library. It had been the first weekend after new years, and you were full of grand ambitions about reading a book a week. Now, they're coming up on when you either need to renew or return, and you haven't cracked a single cover. How does life keep getting away from you?
You're about to give up and reach for that cereal, when the doorbell rings. You stiffen. Visitors are not welcome right now, and who would just drop by anyway? You glance between your curtains and are relieved to see a delivery driver retreating down your front path. Ah, just a package then. Wait? Did you order something?
You open the door and find a small package on your step. You read the label. Mythologie Candles … it comes flooding back to you, another impulsive thing you did at New Years, you signed up for a candle subscription, but not just any candle subscription. This was a surprise subscription, a candle of the month where Mythologie Elves would choose a candle for you. So you know this is a candle, but beyond that … it could be anything! Any fragrance or theme.
Placing the box on the counter, you reach for the scissors but then hesitate. What if it is something you don't like?
Summoning your courage, you open the box. After all, if you don't like it, it will make a great birthday gift for someone. Also, these candles are gorgeous and have never let you down.
You take out the lovely black box from inside the package. You can already smell … something … something spicy and warm and rich and delightful. You ask the candle elves to forgive you for ever doubting them and carefully retrieve the candle from its box. You read the label. Ah, so that is what this is. Delightful. And it will be different every month? You'll always get this surprise? Why didn't you start this sooner?
As you sit and take in the aroma of your candle, your brain turns to those books. Didn't one of them involve dragons? This candle makes you want to hang out with dragons. Maybe you should wait until the weekend. Make a whole evening of it--
Before you can talk yourself down, though, you realize, it's only 6 p.m. You have hours of the day left. Why can't your evening be on a Wednesday? Why can't Wednesdays be spectacular!?! Your Wednesday sure as heck is going to be!
You order your favorite delivery food and start to prepare. You set up your favorite chair with blankets and pillows. You pick out a soundtrack—something epic but soothing. You set the candle on the side table with some tapered matches, ready to go. By the time your meal is delivered, you're ready to go.
The candle is lit and the flame flickers. You settle in and crack open the cover of your book.
The fragrance swells around you. You're in an ancient temple, deep in the mountains. Your feet shuffle across marble floors, worn smooth by centuries of pilgrims and priests. Ahead a massive bronze door towers over you. The great one lies beyond. Do you dare to enter his domain?
You shiver as the pleasant smoke swirls about you, giving you courage. You place your hand on the massive door, and without so much as a push, it swings open with a great groan.
Red light glows within. You step forward, breath quickening.
There on a massive stone platform, the great one rests, scarlet scales glistening in the torchlight. He opens an amber eye and takes you in.
"What have you brought me as tribute?"
You shiver for this was not expected, but then you glance down. The candle is in your hand. Not wishing to sacrifice your treasure, but also not wanting to be a snack, you hold it aloft. The dragon's nostrils flare, a wisp of smoke escaping.
"Brilliant!" he hissed. "I remember when my broodmother used to light incense before she told us tales of old. It smells exactly like this--please, do you have a story to tell me?"
You glance down again. You are still holding the book you checked out from the library. You settle before the dragon and begin to read by the light of your candle. The beast rests his gigantic head between his deadly talons and purrs.
By the time the daydream fades, your candle has burned down much further than you intended, and your book is half finished. You smile to yourself as you slip your bookmark in place.
Thursday night is the perfect day of the week to revisit a dragon.
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