Christmas in the Castle

Leah Talks: The Secrets of Christmas in the Castle

The Secrets of Christmas in the Castle

On November 17th (2023) Mythologie will debut our new Holiday/Winter line: Christmas in the Castle. We're so excited about this new collection of candles, like a kid on Christmas, you might say, and we can't wait to share them with you.

To give our Mythologie heroes some "behind-the-scenes" insight, we caught up with our Founder, Leah, to ask her some questions about what makes Christmas in the Castle so spectacular. 

Let's find out what she had to say... 


Leah in Armor with a Sword

First off, we're all dying to know, what is Christmas in the Castle all about?

This is THE fantasy Christmas collection we've been dreaming of for a long time now! Christmas in the Castle is all about the magic of the season and turning your own home into a castle through immersive fragrances. This is a collection we hope to bring back every single year as a foundational must-have line that everyone can look forward to.

What sort of fragrances should we expect?

This collection contains classic holiday scents that everyone wants during this season, but we're doing it OUR way! At Mythologie, we're renowned for our complex and unique scent creations, but with Christmas in the Castle, we're embracing tradition. They are perfect for those who appreciate the nostalgic fragrances of the season or for gifting to loved ones.
With this collection, you can confidently choose a gift that's both familiar and enchanting, embodying the timeless spirit of the holidays with the distinctive touch of Mythologie.
The Christmas in the Castle Collection

This collection smells so festive! What was your inspiration for these scents?

Our customers were the inspiration! In our Facebook group I took a poll for what people would be most excited about for an upcoming Winter/Holiday collection and "Christmas in the Castle" won by a long shot.
From there, I went to work on fleshing out the concept with our team and worked on the scent design in our magical laboratory!
We are certain you will LOVE these scents. If you want an adventure or want to add more scent complexity, try burning 2 or more together at the same time to create a whole new experience!
This sounds amazing. We really can't wait for Christmas now. Thank you, Leah! 

Christmas in the Castle debuts November 17th!

If you want to be first in line for this magical collection, all you have to do is sign up for our earlybird list. Click here

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