Our 2024 Valentine's Day Collection: Tristan & Isolde

Our 2024 Valentine's Day Collection: Tristan & Isolde

Valentine's Day Preview

For Valentine's Day 2024 we'll be debuting two new romantic fragrances:

Tristan & Isolde

Available January 26th, 2024, this brand new candle duo is inspired by the romantic legend of Tristan & Isolde.

But who are Tristan & Isolde? 

Sometimes known as Tristan and Iseult, these doomed lovers were the main characters in a 12th century medieval romance.
Brave Sir Tristan was a noble knight, sent by his uncle, King Mark, to claim the lovely Irish princess, Isolde, to be the king's bride.
There are many versions of this classic tale. Some blame the forbidden romance on a love potion, but however it started, these star crossed lovers endured hardship and heartache. Separated by fate and by the schemes of those around them.
Upon their untimely death it is said that a briar grew out of Tristan's grave to embrace Isolde's nearby tomb, even in death. 
Isolde Candle

Discover the Scents

🌹 Isolde 🌹
With a longing glance across a castle courtyard, the maiden watches her lover depart.

Notes of wild orchids and a gentle breeze of musk and cacao. 

⚔️ Tristan ⚔️
The fair knight arrives to claim the princess for his king. At a glance, his heart is doomed.

Notes of deep amber and bergamot on a bed of scattered flower petals. 

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Tristan Candle

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